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What’s next, a tank? (probably not)

June 12, 2008

Those who know me will know that I can become rather simple-minded while playing a game. Give me a character, and I will kill things. Repeatedly, if necessary. I’m more than happy to charge in, guns/swords/claws a-swinging and take out anything that’s in my path. I think I get it from my fascination with Wolverine from my youth.

When I first rolled Tchann, I envisioned her wielding an axe in each hand, laying waste to whatever was fool enough to step in front of her. I played her this way for a very long time. In fact, it wasn’t until after she hit 70 that a friend tapped me on my virtual shoulder and said, in much nicer words, “lol, u doin it rong.”

After that came my warlock, who was rolled to be a cloth-wearing melee. I’m on a roleplaying server, we can get away with stuff like this. She made it to about level 20 before her gear and enchants just couldn’t handle that playstyle, and I learned how to play a warlock properly (I think).

My top four leveled characters are a BM hunter, shadow priest, survival hunter, and a destro ‘lock.

Number five is a resto shaman.

I decided to take my shammy resto because of a good friend of mine, the one who got me into the game and leveled to 60 with me on TB from the beginning. His awesomeness has made me a firm believer that shaman are the best healers EVER, despite their lack of HoT (totems not included). After all, the only way a priest can pick themselves back up after dying horribly is a trinket that only works if you whack it a few times with your palm and blow in it before using. If you’re lucky.

Despite researching how to heal well as a shaman and making a slew of macros to ease healing any group, I quickly found it difficult to test what skills I might have. I always managed to end up in groups that were either obscenely overleveled for an instance, or had four other classes that were perfectly capable of healing on their own, and would do so even when I asked them not to. There was also one horrible run that involved a druid tank that was convinced she should be able to take on the entire instance on her own, resulting in me swearing not to toss her a single heal. This would have made more of an impact, I imagine, if she’d taken a single death after that point. -_-;

Where is this whole thing going? Well, last night I finally got to heal a group that wasn’t overpowered, didn’t have healers galore, and didn’t have an annoyingly self-righteous druid. I quickly found that healing was fun, but I had retained quite a few of my regular habits that need to be curbed – namely, running wildly into combat and hitting anything in my way. Still, I managed to stay alive and keep the entire party alive, and a rez was never needed on anyone’s part.

I also pride myself on not hitting Frost Shock unless the mob was fleeing.

Is this the death of a hard-core dps’er? Probably not. I still love tearing things to shreds. But healing makes me feel somewhat indispensable, a feeling not often gained from dps’ing…well, anything. x.x