Good news, everyone!

It’s hard to find a single WoW player who hasn’t heard of the Glider software. We all know what it does: automates your character in the game, completely breaking the terms of use, and setting your account up for a near-guaranteed closure. But while the legitimate players know of the pains those bots can cause, the shady ones have had no problems in botting their way to a soon-to-be-banned 70 or five.

Well, quite a while back, Blizzard brought down the banhammer on Glider itself – bypassing all the players and going straight to the source code. The lawsuit has been only talked about in murmurs since, until today:

Blizzard has won its summary judgment motion against World of Warcraft bot maker MDY on copyright grounds.  Blizzard also prevailed on its tortious interference claim.  This means that liability for contributory and vicarious copyright infringement and tortious interference is completely off the table and will not go to the jury at trial in September, assuming that the parties do not settle before then.  The only issue before the jury on these two claims will be damages.

Virtually Blind, 7/14/08

What does that mean? Well, all the legal bits aren’t over yet. And I haven’t dug through the legal documents to see what points each side won on. But the meat of the issue is that Glider was in fact breaking the law with their program. That’s right! It wasn’t just helping people break the contract with Blizzard, but actually breaking the law.

So if the suit continues, it’ll be mainly about how much money Glider owes Blizzard.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go laugh maniacally.


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