Today, BRK broke my heart.

Ever since the Wrath of the Lich King talent calculators appeared on WoWHead, I have been desperately wondering what the Hunter talents would be. Longingly I would check the site, daily, to see if anything had gone up. Talents would fail to be there, I’d sigh heavily, wait two hours, check again.

I might’ve been a bit obsessed.

This morning, I awoke and checked my Google Reader to find links from BRK to two talent calculators. “Don’t put too much credence into either of these,” he said. I opened both links and immediately ignored the one that didn’t load completely (NoScript said ‘No, Script!’), which led me to gaze at the first one.

No, don’t bother to click that link. It’ll break your heart, too.

Apparently the true talent tree is the second one. Ah, what cruel deception! To taunt me with that I long for the most, then to yank it away like a carrot on a stick. My heart is shattered, oozing blood the color of two hunter pets. No longer do I yearn for those talents – nay, now I only weep for what could have been but shall never be. Curse you, Blizzard!

…well, maybe not too much. I still want a Beta invite, after all.

:: crosses fingers and refreshes her email inbox religiously ::


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  1. Pike Says:

    In all honesty I saw a fake talent tree promising two pets a loooooooong time ago and had that yanked away, so I gave up hope a long time ago… so it doesn’t bug me so much XD

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