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Invasion of the CareBears

September 11, 2008

From Nebu on the main site,

Providing a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players is always a priority for us, and we are continually re-evaluating our policies and programs to do so. As the state of the game has matured substantially since the inception of Paid Character Transfers, we will now be allowing PvE-to-PvP transfers on a full-time basis to provide players with more mobility and freedom to easily play with their friends.

Keep in mind that all of the other standard cooldowns and restrictions will continue to apply; we’re just opening the option to transfer characters on Normal realms to Player-vs.-Player realms. Please review the Paid Character Transfer FAQ if you have any questions on how this service works.

Very interesting.

Ever since the PCT surfaced, there has been cries of foul from players who want to transfer from their hum-drum PvE servers to the exciting world of PvP realms. “Why can’t we?!” they’d cry in droves.

“Because,” Blizzard would reply, to the cheering crowds of already-established PvP realm players, “you had it too easy. It’s just not fair to let you carebear your way to 70 and then jump somewhere to gank noobs.”

This was understood as fair (except by the people who just wanted to make the one exception for them, just that once).

Now, this.

Am I affected? Not one bit. I hate PvP. I rarely participate in it, and the thought of playing on a PvP server frightens me. I am a carebear through and through, thankyouverymuch, and I’ll stay happily on my RP-PvE realm.

The thing is, I’ve had the old way of thinking (PvE->PvP is unfair, lol) too deeply ingrained in me. Isn’t this unfair to the people who had to suffer 70 levels of ganking and corpse-camping? I can’t help but think so.

In the end, I suppose this is all just another step by Blizzard to make the game more accessible to players before the expansion hits. First it was the uber Recruit-a-Friend buff to get people into the game and leveled. Now they can finally transfer off the easy-peasy PvE realm to join their real friends in PvP-land.

But there’s a nagging bit at the back of my brain that’s wondering what that will do to PvP combat on especially well-known PvP realms. Will the quality decrease? Increase? No change at all? Explosions? Invasion by Spore-created monstrosities?

Only time will tell.


I can explain!

September 10, 2008

Last night’s Tempest Keep run wrapped up and I stared at my backpack forlornly. Three bosses down, and all I had to show for it was a dirty gray leather boot and six badges. Despite knowing there was nothing there for me, I trudged over to the badge vendor in Shattrath from Quel’danas.

I paged through the loot, even getting bored and looking at things for other classes. Ratings Buster reminded me as I browsed that I already had most of it, or better, and this was potentially futile. Let’s see…how useless would Anveena’s Touch be? Do I really want to save up for the chocobo-on-a-stick? Maybe I could idly work towards getting the fist weapon set? In the end, all this would require far more badges than I’m likely to earn before Lich King hits.

So see? There’s a reason for everything.

Eventually I decided to go do the same at the naaru badge vendor upstairs. I flew up and took a look at the goods, and notice with more than a little surprise that those Steadying Bracers were a significant upgrade from the ones I was wearing from Kara, even without the Assault enchant. 35 badges later they were (belatedly) mine.

Oops. ^.^;