Dreams made Reality

So, it’s been far too long since my last post. While I have a few guides and informational pieces in progress, I’ll admit to simply lacking inspiration as of late. My playtime of the game has decreased, not from any pre-WotLK slump, but due to other things in my life taking priority. Friends visiting, other gaming activities, and the dreaded work, etc…time for WoW has been brief.

Despite all that, I would like to encourage all readers – however many of you there are, I’m guessing about five – to ask me any questions you may have. I will do all I can to answer accurately and appropriately. In the end, I really created this blog because I enjoy doing Customer Service work, and WoW just seemed to be the topic I am interested in the most at this time. So please, give me the chance to flex my service muscles!

Lastly, and I regret to admit, the true reason for this post. I arrived home yesterday evening to find a box sitting on my doorstep. I carried it up the stairs gingerly, then opened it with as much gusto as I dared use. Inside, among tightly packed cardboard and a plethora of bubble wrap, lay the manifestation of over two years of entertainment:

Tchann Thundercleave is real, and she is sitting on my mantle. This, to me, is so damn cool I can barely describe it in words. ^.^



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