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I support the cause, but not the method.

November 8, 2008

I really have a lot of respect for BRK. The guy talks about huntering in ways that make it not only easy to understand, but also breaks down a lot of the more complicated mechanisms to help you improve yourself in the game. I’ve learned a lot from him, and think that he’s a pretty awesome guy. The fact that he chose to post a bunch of my emails as a post by itself doesn’t hurt, either.

But I cannot condone this.

First of all, it’s being held on a roleplaying server. I’ve been playing on roleplaying servers ever since I rolled my first character, Tchann, on Thorium Brotherhood. They’re not perfect realms of cohesive roleplay like we would all love to have, but they certainly have far more potential than a brutal PvP or even a simple PvE do. The most difficult thing about roleplaying realms, however, is that they’re almost entirely self-policed. There are extra rules that need to be followed on RP realms, but the players need to take it upon themselves to report infractions to the GMs. It makes things more difficult for the players, but it’s something we rarely complain about because at least there are rules that can be enforced. We have our garden of cohesive roleplay, it’s just up to us to plant and weed it.

So inviting thousands of non-roleplayers, who are traditionally loud, abrasive and rude, to a roleplaying server for a specifically out-of-character event? So not cool, BRK. So not cool. Any player who was planning roleplaying in Stormwind tonight has my sincerest sympathies, because it’s very unlikely you’ll even be able to see an NPC load in that city this evening, let alone the PCs who will be slaughtering you with out-of-character cries of glory (which, by the way, is against the Terms of Use).

Secondly, the server is Argent Dawn. It was the first (if not *the* first, one of the first) roleplaying server in World of Warcraft, which means it’s had the longest amount of time to degenerate. I know it has its problems with its population, and some people decide that the RP at the end of PvE-RP doesn’t mean anything at all. Despite that, it is still a roleplaying server, and it still has those rules that need followed. And, as an older server, it also has a fairly hefty population.

Upon BRK’s initial announcement of the event, comments started to pepper in about Argent Dawn’s queue times. I remember personally a while ago that the server was marked as ‘Full’ and I couldn’t even roll an alt there to play with my friends. While it’s obviously come down a bit if people are able to roll new characters now, I can’t imagine it’s that far off from where it was. So this event will be exacerbating a situation that was already near breaking point in the first place.

Despite myself and other players informing BRK of our concerns regarding his choice of server for this event, he has chosen to go ahead with it anyway. So BRK, I am boycotting the Run of the Bulls for Ezra. I wish to honor him in some way, and this event would have been a good idea on dozens of other servers, just not that one. I cannot condone such blatant disregard for the rules that, if you haven’t figured out by now, I try to inform people of so dilligently.

Instead, I’ll go out and complete Ezra’s quest, and pet Kyle when I’m finished. I’ll follow up with a donation to Make a Wish in Ezra’s name. It’s a far more pleasant way to honor someone than mass homicide, don’t you think? 🙂