Thawing Out

Northrend has swallowed me whole.

My Rock Band drums are gathering dust by the television set while my plants slowly start to wither on the windowsill.  My husband and I return home every evening to lock ourselves in the computer room and only leave to acquire food or maybe feed the cat. And the cat only really gets fed if he starts biting us.

After hitting 80 a few weeks back, however, I’ve started to emerge from the frosty northern regions. First I noticed that there was an expansion. See, I’d been too busy leveling and immersing myself in lore and gameplay that I (somehow) forgot that all of this was new. Then I realized that if things were new, that meant people had things to say about the new things, so I went off to read and listen to these new things. I made about three comments on Pike‘s post today and have BRK‘s latest podcast in my mp3 player waiting for my walk home.

I’ve also begun to realize that I have – gasp! – different opinions than a lot of the people I’ve set as standards for the huntering world. This confuses me. Very rarely do I ever truly count myself as knowledgeable in a certain field, and this blog is one of those rare exceptions. I’ve gone out of my way to learn the rules of this game as they pertain to use outside of Azeroth, and I want to share that knowledge with people who don’t want to go to the same amount of trouble. But now…I have opinions on hunter-y things.

Am I an expert hunter? Hell no! I make mistakes, lots of them, and I try to learn and make myself better. I’m in the process of doing so right now, trying to adapt to the new hunter abilities and the impending nerf, while excelling as best as I can in the game without going overboard. So maybe, I’m thinking, I might be sharing all these things here.

I’ll still have plenty to say on policy changes, I’m sure. But I need to reinsert myself into the CSF to make any headway on what may or may not have changed in the first place.

In the meantime, however, it’s time to go do some testing with Freezing Shot. This thing has to be useful for something, right? 🙂


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