Since my focus has shifted a bit, I’ll go ahead and re-introduce myself: this time as a player and a hunter, instead of just a Customer Service geek. 🙂

Hi! My name is Tchann Thundercleave, and I’m a hunter on the Thorium Brotherhood US server. It’s a roleplaying server and one that I’ve found myself firmly attached to. I do enjoy roleplaying, but I also love raiding and other PvE activities. I actively despise PvE and dailies.

When I first started playing, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I just enjoyed running around, questing and killing things. I did know that I loved playing a hunter and having a pet companion by my side that I could trust and work with. Despite also having a warlock, the hunter class is what really endeared WoW to me.

For almost a year and a half, I was convinced that meleeing was perfectly acceptable for a hunter to do in all situations. I was determined to prove this to other people until a friend (metaphorically) slapped me upside the head and told me to grow up and play my class right. That began a long process of me learning numbers, theory, and generally working towards actually being as awesome as I could be.

So now I’m here. I have a tendency to be somewhat lazy, enjoy melee, and like pumping out the big numbers in dps. With all that in mind, I put the points in my spec at 80 like so.

Things that are different from the norm:

Endurance Training: the longer I can stay up, the better. The longer my pet can stay up, the better. Being alive = dps, end of story.

Spirit Bond: +healing for me and my pet is fantastically wonderful (especially a with a pet who has Lick Your Wounds), and the periodic regen is great for soloing. The only downside is that each tick seems to generate aggro when a tank is pulling, leading all his mobs to come chasing over to me before I can jam on the FD.  😦

Focused Aim: Who cares about the pushback? It’s all about the +hit. This is where my laziness shows. I’ll yank points out of this as my hit rating goes up significantly – it doesn’t affect pet hit, so I need to be going overboard on hit in the first place. Not to mention the whole 8% or 9% mystery is still not completely solved.

Efficiency: Hi need manaz yes. Even with AotV, having more mana upfront means higher dps for longer before I need to bust out the mana regen. As my mana pool goes up,  I might start pulling points from here, too.

Things I’m reconsidering:

Improved Revive Pet: I had this for raiding at 70, in case my pet went down mid-battle (causing my dps to crash down with it). But with HotP, I’m not sure how useful it really is anymore.

Cobra Strikes: Looks like a nifty pet dps boost, but it seems to me like it’s best paired with Invigoration – something that is just too underpowered for the point cost right now. Then again, the dps boost might be necessary with the impending nerf.

Frenzy 4/5: Need to take a look at BRK’s 9-8-7 theory and see if that applies to me.

Go for the Throat: Poor Mijikai has been focus-starved. We I need to fix that.

Overall, I’m happy with my spec at the moment. I just need to get past my inherent laziness to do some number-crunching and work out the kinks. Either I need to give my pets more focus, or manage their abilities better to maximize their effectiveness with their current focus.

I also need to raise my crit, work on figuring out what the hit cap is, and overall crank it up.

It would also help if I could post a WWS log that didn’t have glaring errors pockmarking it.  -_-;;


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