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Not dead yet!

January 30, 2009

I ventured back into Naxx25 (and OS25) last night, this time a little more prepared than I had been on Monday. While I’m working on farming the mats for my frost resist set (<3 my healers!) and leveling my fishing so I can more easily get mats for AP food, I also went and upgraded my gems from the AH about an hour before the raid began.

Then…came the pain.

A handful of wipes against Sartharion because we attempted to take him down with Tenebron still attached. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only person having trouble dodging the red rings of death thanks to visual obstruction by the red ground and five million adds. After five attempts we gave up and smashed Tenebron into the dirt before finally destroying Sartharion. Hunter loot dropped, lost the roll to a shaman. We moved on.

Naxx25 Spider and Plague wings went down smoothly. I enjoyed being the only hunter out of three to survive the safety dance – I’ve finally got it down pat! Now to keep my pet alive. >.>

Hunter loot kept dropping and I kept losing my rolls horribly. It appears that joining a new guild did not solve my luck problem any. I did manage to snag the T7 shoulder token off of Loatheb, though! Less +hit, but I can gem around it, because the 5% extra pet damage from the 2-piece set bonus is definitely worth it.

Speaking of Loatheb, I ran a WWS and took a look at that fight to see how I did. Then I cursed out Recount because it had told me I’d done better than that. Then this morning I hopped over to be.imba to see what my handicap is in terms of gear vs the other dps in the top 10.

At least, he'd better have been in rp gear.

At least, he'd better have been in rp gear.

Ignoring the shammy with the horrendous gear score, the other 8 dps in the top 10 are geared with Naxx25 drops and all that other fantastic stuff I don’t have yet. Little ol’ me still needs upgrades from the 10-man raids…

…and I’m number 7 out of 10 in damage done? Yeah, I’ll take that. 😀

Right now I’m working with a basic shot rotation of Serpent Sting, Arcane Shot, Steady Shot x 3, Arcane, and then repeating with three shots between each Arcane. I haven’t done any number crunching or research on this, though, so I should be able to improve in that area.

Mijikai contributed 38% of my total damage during Loatheb, which is down quite a lot from the 45% or more she’d do before the nerf. Theoretically my new shoulders will up that to around 40%, and I’ll take whatever I can get.

There is definitely room for improvement, but I’m taking this as proof that BM isn’t quite dead yet. Has it been nerfed too far? Definitely. Did Survival get a buff that threw it into the OP category? Certainly. Am I going to give up on BM?

Oh hells no. ^.^



January 27, 2009

On Friday, after months of long internal debate and wrestling, I finally typed the command that I’d been dreading.


It was really scary. I was afraid that everybody in the guild would hate me, or worse, that nobody would even care that I left. The first time I left a guild (two years ago) I got whispers asking me why. This time…nothing. Two friends who knew what I’d been going through did whisper me to congratulate me, however, which bolstered my courage.

Then it was time to go guild hunting.

I’d refrained from seriously entertaining my options until I was officially out of the guild. It just didn’t seem right to me to hop from one guild to another on a server that has pretty tight-knit raiding relations. But I definitely wanted to look around and see what else was available on the server before I started to think about applying anywhere.

It took me about an hour to decide. ^.^;

Raiding guilds are typically scarce on a roleplaying server in the first place, so it was no big surprise when my perusal of WoW Jutsu turned up a handful of guild names I already knew. Some I knew were far too hardcore for me, some had pretty cruddy reputations, and my former guild wasn’t even in the top 50. One guild, however, had a wonderful reputation and I had run with them in a guild alliance in the past. I hopped over to their forums and read through their application guidelines before going through the steps to apply.

By Sunday evening I had a reply, asking me to contact someone in-game for my invite.

Of course, it wasn’t quite that easy. An officer whispered me last night and drilled me on why I’d left my guild, if said guild knew I was applying to this one, etc…just making sure that I wasn’t causing trouble. As far as I knew I wasn’t, and I soon found myself with a guild channel once again!

…that immediately asked me if I wanted to go to Heroic Naxx for the last three bosses.  x.x

I proceeded to run the only three bosses of Naxx I hadn’t seen yet, including dying on the first polarity shift during Thaddius. However, I got to sit there and watch the fight for a while, both dead and as a risen ghoul, which helped me understand the fight for our second attempt. It took us six tries total, but I never again died from polarity shift after that first attempt.

Sapphiron went down after two tries, and even more fantastic was the fact that I had no frost gear whatsoever and still lived. All I had protecting me from the dracolich’s aura was a pally’s resist aura and a resist pot, for a grand total of 180 frost resist. Absolutely amazing healers, that’s for sure! …I still apologized. ^.^;  Sapphiron was also kind enough to drop a Bandit’s Insignia for me to carry into Kel’Thuzad’s chamber.

Kel’Thuzad was a very fun fight! I really wish we could have gotten him down – our third attempt got him to 200k health before the raid was wiped. That attempt took us past midnight, though, so we dispersed afterwards for silly things, like sleep.

Still. I got the opportunity to do three bosses I’d never seen before, in a group with some absolutely wonderful people, come away with my first Badge of Valor and a piece of loot. By far, the best guild invitation ever. 😀

So, now it’s time to get back into the swing of raiding. I need to get a frost resist set together so the healers won’t hate me as much. I need to farm up massive amounts of mammoth meat for AP foodings. I need to find a new BM-centered blog to read because BigRedKitty is neither big nor red, and will probably retire his kitty soon. He might have given up on Beast Mastery, but I don’t roll over that easily.

:: rubs hands :: Time to get crackin’!

Debunking the myth of Blizzard’s bottomless wallet

January 23, 2009

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve fallen away from the Customer Service Forum lately. Part of it is because I found other interests to occupy my time while I’m at work (blasphemy!), and part of it is because nothing ever really changes there. The same questions are asked every day and are answered by the same people every day and I began to get, well…bored. I started CC as a place to put the answers to some of the most common questions I’d see every day on the CSF. And while I’ve been focusing on run-of-the-mill huntering as of late, someone on one of the WoW-related LiveJournals I frequent brought up of the most frustrating questions of all.

Our ensuing discussion followed one of two possible courses with the topic, and sadly, it was the most common course (what happened to taking the path less traveled?). For the sake of some sort of anonymity, allow me to paraphrase – and please, for the love of my sanity, view this with some measure of intelligence!

My children play WoW with me, and I see a lot of nasty chat going on. Don’t the GMs know people are saying that kind of stuff? Why don’t they monitor these discussions?

It’s not feasible for the GMs to monitor discussions. If there was one GM on each server watching just one channel (for instance, Trade), then Blizzard would need to have over 200 GMs for the sole purpose of keeping that one channel monitored.

I didn’t say that there’d be a GM on each channel, just each server.

Even assuming one GM for each server to watch any number of channels, that’s still over 200 employees for just that alone. Assuming California minimum wage ($8/hour according to teh intarwebs) for 24-hour coverage, that comes to $38,000 each day, and over $14 million a year!

Yeah, that’s a lot of money. But WoW has over 10 million subscribers, they have to be bringing in $15 million in less than three days.

Yes, WoW has over 10 million accounts…worldwide. In just the US, the version I based the 200 server count from, there’s only around three million. Also take in the cost of base materials for the game (each realm has at least five server clusters – each of the continents and one for instances), plus Blizzard’s employees (general admin, account admin, tech support, even janitorial!), and jsut run-of-the-mill business expenses (taxes, water bill, electric bill, coffee, etc…). There’s a lot more to this than just how much they make overall and if that can all be applied to the one feature you want!

Yeah, well, I wasn’t telling Blizzard how to spend their money anyway. You took this too far.

…my head hurts from facepalming.

But that last bit, the part about over 10 million accounts? That grates on my nerves every time somebody tosses it about. Yes, there may be 12 million accounts, but the vast majority of them originate from overseas! Assuming that the money from all the WoW branches pools up in California for the North American version users to benefit from is just ignorant.

So. Questions, comments, cries of anguish? Did I go too far? Or perhaps, did I not go far enough? 😀

Patch Aftermath

January 21, 2009

I logged in last night and didn’t do anything barely resembling an actual test of my nerfed abilities. Instead, I did a few dailies and ran an instance (and a boss). This in itself was pretty enlightening.

Now, I’m nowhere near the top tier of hunters. I barely have any Naxx-level gear, having only been in there a handful of times, and I don’t run heroics nearly as often as I would like. So when I go on runs with people who cleared Heroic Naxx last week, I don’t really expect to do much.

As I mentioned, I ran some dailies. Then a few friends snatched me up to run the first boss of Heroic UK to see if we could get a certain weapon to drop. They summoned me to the instance and I ran in as I realized that I still had my tanking rhino, Murinandai, along for the ride. So not only was I going in with the new nerfs in place, but I was going in with a tanking pet. Joy.

We finished the first boss with relative ease. The only wipe was at the first pull, when the tank decided to try pulling all of the first hallway at once. I winced as I brought up Recount to tell me the news, and most certainly, I had bottomed out on damage. The Naxx-geared moonkin had owned us all, followed by the Naxx-geared shaman, the Naxx-geared warrior, and then me.

I was despondant, to say the least. Nevertheless, they wanted to run on (after replacing the shaman with my husband’s rogue) to Heroic UP, so I hearthed to Dalaran and grabbed Mijikai to try and not suck too horribly. After all, I still hadn’t seen the end of UP, I had to at least try properly.

UP went smoothly, and it only took two wipes and four unexplained resets of the gauntlet to get Skadi down. We moved on and took out Ymiron, at which point I discovered that BW makes me immune to his cower effect, which was awesome. He was also kind enough to drop the tanking sword we’d come for in the first place.

Then I braced myself and opened up Recount.

I’d…topped the charts.

Not by a lot, granted, but I did out-damage the boomkin, so something must’ve changed. Tonight I’ll try to run something and run a WWS log for good measure to try to figure it out. I’ve already got an idea as to what might’ve changed, but I’m going to take a look at some numbers before I jump to any conclusions.

Go fig!