Patch Aftermath

I logged in last night and didn’t do anything barely resembling an actual test of my nerfed abilities. Instead, I did a few dailies and ran an instance (and a boss). This in itself was pretty enlightening.

Now, I’m nowhere near the top tier of hunters. I barely have any Naxx-level gear, having only been in there a handful of times, and I don’t run heroics nearly as often as I would like. So when I go on runs with people who cleared Heroic Naxx last week, I don’t really expect to do much.

As I mentioned, I ran some dailies. Then a few friends snatched me up to run the first boss of Heroic UK to see if we could get a certain weapon to drop. They summoned me to the instance and I ran in as I realized that I still had my tanking rhino, Murinandai, along for the ride. So not only was I going in with the new nerfs in place, but I was going in with a tanking pet. Joy.

We finished the first boss with relative ease. The only wipe was at the first pull, when the tank decided to try pulling all of the first hallway at once. I winced as I brought up Recount to tell me the news, and most certainly, I had bottomed out on damage. The Naxx-geared moonkin had owned us all, followed by the Naxx-geared shaman, the Naxx-geared warrior, and then me.

I was despondant, to say the least. Nevertheless, they wanted to run on (after replacing the shaman with my husband’s rogue) to Heroic UP, so I hearthed to Dalaran and grabbed Mijikai to try and not suck too horribly. After all, I still hadn’t seen the end of UP, I had to at least try properly.

UP went smoothly, and it only took two wipes and four unexplained resets of the gauntlet to get Skadi down. We moved on and took out Ymiron, at which point I discovered that BW makes me immune to his cower effect, which was awesome. He was also kind enough to drop the tanking sword we’d come for in the first place.

Then I braced myself and opened up Recount.

I’d…topped the charts.

Not by a lot, granted, but I did out-damage the boomkin, so something must’ve changed. Tonight I’ll try to run something and run a WWS log for good measure to try to figure it out. I’ve already got an idea as to what might’ve changed, but I’m going to take a look at some numbers before I jump to any conclusions.

Go fig!



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