On Friday, after months of long internal debate and wrestling, I finally typed the command that I’d been dreading.


It was really scary. I was afraid that everybody in the guild would hate me, or worse, that nobody would even care that I left. The first time I left a guild (two years ago) I got whispers asking me why. This time…nothing. Two friends who knew what I’d been going through did whisper me to congratulate me, however, which bolstered my courage.

Then it was time to go guild hunting.

I’d refrained from seriously entertaining my options until I was officially out of the guild. It just didn’t seem right to me to hop from one guild to another on a server that has pretty tight-knit raiding relations. But I definitely wanted to look around and see what else was available on the server before I started to think about applying anywhere.

It took me about an hour to decide. ^.^;

Raiding guilds are typically scarce on a roleplaying server in the first place, so it was no big surprise when my perusal of WoW Jutsu turned up a handful of guild names I already knew. Some I knew were far too hardcore for me, some had pretty cruddy reputations, and my former guild wasn’t even in the top 50. One guild, however, had a wonderful reputation and I had run with them in a guild alliance in the past. I hopped over to their forums and read through their application guidelines before going through the steps to apply.

By Sunday evening I had a reply, asking me to contact someone in-game for my invite.

Of course, it wasn’t quite that easy. An officer whispered me last night and drilled me on why I’d left my guild, if said guild knew I was applying to this one, etc…just making sure that I wasn’t causing trouble. As far as I knew I wasn’t, and I soon found myself with a guild channel once again!

…that immediately asked me if I wanted to go to Heroic Naxx for the last three bosses.  x.x

I proceeded to run the only three bosses of Naxx I hadn’t seen yet, including dying on the first polarity shift during Thaddius. However, I got to sit there and watch the fight for a while, both dead and as a risen ghoul, which helped me understand the fight for our second attempt. It took us six tries total, but I never again died from polarity shift after that first attempt.

Sapphiron went down after two tries, and even more fantastic was the fact that I had no frost gear whatsoever and still lived. All I had protecting me from the dracolich’s aura was a pally’s resist aura and a resist pot, for a grand total of 180 frost resist. Absolutely amazing healers, that’s for sure! …I still apologized. ^.^;  Sapphiron was also kind enough to drop a Bandit’s Insignia for me to carry into Kel’Thuzad’s chamber.

Kel’Thuzad was a very fun fight! I really wish we could have gotten him down – our third attempt got him to 200k health before the raid was wiped. That attempt took us past midnight, though, so we dispersed afterwards for silly things, like sleep.

Still. I got the opportunity to do three bosses I’d never seen before, in a group with some absolutely wonderful people, come away with my first Badge of Valor and a piece of loot. By far, the best guild invitation ever. 😀

So, now it’s time to get back into the swing of raiding. I need to get a frost resist set together so the healers won’t hate me as much. I need to farm up massive amounts of mammoth meat for AP foodings. I need to find a new BM-centered blog to read because BigRedKitty is neither big nor red, and will probably retire his kitty soon. He might have given up on Beast Mastery, but I don’t roll over that easily.

:: rubs hands :: Time to get crackin’!


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7 Responses to “Transition”

  1. Pike Says:

    Please let me know if you find a new raid-centric BM blog cause I cannot find one. I can’t take up the mantle myself as I don’t have either the guild or the schedule for serious raiding, as much as I wish I could. >.>

  2. Pike Says:

    (not to say I won’t stop reading BRK of course, I ❤ him dearly, but us BM folks need a blog to read too!)

  3. Tchernobyl Says:

    Don’t worry about thaddius. While the concept in and of itself is simple enough.. he’s probably the hardest boss to *execute* well. One person dead early is acceptable. Two, less so. Beyond that, you basically will not kill him in time (due to the lack of stacking damage buff vs his fucking gigantic HP pool).

    Sapphiron doesn’t really need frost resistance past the aura. Just people need to avoid the blizzard, which is the biggest killer (that and dispelling the drain life :P)

    As for kelthuzad.. many things can go wrong. What happened? Did the add tanks die, or how did it happen that people died? (not paying attention to void zone, no heals on the melee during frost? etc :O)

  4. Tchann Says:

    Let’s see. On KT attempt #1, things went well until two healers got MC’d at the same time. The raid wasn’t fast enough to compensate and we wiped.

    On attempt #2, a hunter’s pet (not mine!) aggro’d an entire alcove during the first phase and we wiped.

    On attempt #3, things were going swimmingly until the tank hit the wrong button. He stopped attacking, lost aggro, and things ran wild and we wiped.

    I’m sure we could’ve gotten him down if we’d kept trying, but it was after midnight and people had to go. 🙂

  5. Tchernobyl Says:

    aah, then it was silly mistakes :X yeah, you’ll get him easy!

    (although, the tank lost aggro? unless it was a pally tank and he bubbled, he should have had a large lead on threat o.O)

  6. donna Says:

    I’m nosy and looked up your new guild — I remember them, they’re a good crew. 🙂 And while we finally cleared Naxx on regular, am so jealous that you get the 25 man versions! We’re working on getting enough people together for it now…

    Who knew that this raiding stuff could be so much fun? 😀

  7. Eresin Says:

    well done on your new guild, seems like it was definately the right choice for you!
    and GZ on the raid progress too! Good times ahead i think 🙂

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