Not dead yet!

I ventured back into Naxx25 (and OS25) last night, this time a little more prepared than I had been on Monday. While I’m working on farming the mats for my frost resist set (<3 my healers!) and leveling my fishing so I can more easily get mats for AP food, I also went and upgraded my gems from the AH about an hour before the raid began.

Then…came the pain.

A handful of wipes against Sartharion because we attempted to take him down with Tenebron still attached. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only person having trouble dodging the red rings of death thanks to visual obstruction by the red ground and five million adds. After five attempts we gave up and smashed Tenebron into the dirt before finally destroying Sartharion. Hunter loot dropped, lost the roll to a shaman. We moved on.

Naxx25 Spider and Plague wings went down smoothly. I enjoyed being the only hunter out of three to survive the safety dance – I’ve finally got it down pat! Now to keep my pet alive. >.>

Hunter loot kept dropping and I kept losing my rolls horribly. It appears that joining a new guild did not solve my luck problem any. I did manage to snag the T7 shoulder token off of Loatheb, though! Less +hit, but I can gem around it, because the 5% extra pet damage from the 2-piece set bonus is definitely worth it.

Speaking of Loatheb, I ran a WWS and took a look at that fight to see how I did. Then I cursed out Recount because it had told me I’d done better than that. Then this morning I hopped over to be.imba to see what my handicap is in terms of gear vs the other dps in the top 10.

At least, he'd better have been in rp gear.

At least, he'd better have been in rp gear.

Ignoring the shammy with the horrendous gear score, the other 8 dps in the top 10 are geared with Naxx25 drops and all that other fantastic stuff I don’t have yet. Little ol’ me still needs upgrades from the 10-man raids…

…and I’m number 7 out of 10 in damage done? Yeah, I’ll take that. 😀

Right now I’m working with a basic shot rotation of Serpent Sting, Arcane Shot, Steady Shot x 3, Arcane, and then repeating with three shots between each Arcane. I haven’t done any number crunching or research on this, though, so I should be able to improve in that area.

Mijikai contributed 38% of my total damage during Loatheb, which is down quite a lot from the 45% or more she’d do before the nerf. Theoretically my new shoulders will up that to around 40%, and I’ll take whatever I can get.

There is definitely room for improvement, but I’m taking this as proof that BM isn’t quite dead yet. Has it been nerfed too far? Definitely. Did Survival get a buff that threw it into the OP category? Certainly. Am I going to give up on BM?

Oh hells no. ^.^


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2 Responses to “Not dead yet!”

  1. Matojo Says:

    I’m working on Talash’s cooking dailies, and Kombe will be wiping out wildlife in Sholazar soon, so if you have any meat or whathaveyou that you need? Lemme know. I’ll help supply your stuff!

  2. Beige Car Says:

    You might find this site interesting as well.

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