The continuing adventures of a Beast Master

For the record: A lot of people play WoW for the epeen. We all know this. If I played for the epeen, then I would’ve specced SV at the first application of the BM nerf and wouldn’t even have looked back. But I play for my own enjoyment of the game, and I enjoy playing BM spec more than anything else. That’s why I refuse to give up on Beast Mastery – I love playing it, and I will do whatever I can to make it viable, instead of jumping ship to the beloved dps-spec-of-the-moment. I’m blessed to be on a server with raiding guilds that embrace this playstyle, and I plan to make the most of it!

Now, with that out of the way, on to business. ^.^

Got to run the Military wing of Naxx10 last night in my guild’s regular pickup run. It was my first time seeing the Four Horsemen go down, and my first time running a 10-man with my new guild. The pickup group ended up consisting of one warrior (tank), one priest (healer), two pallies (tank and healer), two warlocks and four(!!!) hunters. Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly optimistic about loot.

And speaking of gear…here are the four hunters in be.imba, at the start of the run:


I’ve gotten better at blurring the names out, at least! Anyway, we had one wipe on Raz (MC tank went down), Gothik went well, and Four Horsemen took about four tries to get down. On Gothik I noticed that my pet was attacking available mobs, despite being defensive and the mobs not having attacked her first (nor had I even targeted them yet). I also ran into this issue earlier in the evening, in Heroic Azjol-Nerub. I’m scared there might be a bug with the defensive AI for pets – I’ll have to look into this more and see what I can find.

On Four Horsemen, Mijikai died during the third switchover, almost every time. I threw her a Mend Pet whenever she was below full health, and made sure she was properly positioned, but she just couldn’t stay up. She always went down next to Rivendare, too – Kor’Thazz’s meteor wasn’t taking her down, it was something about Rivendare (according to WWS, massive shadow damage was what killed her). I need to figure this one out as well.

Remarkably, none of the hunters needed any of the loot that dropped! I managed to walk away with a new belt and a new cape, and the newfound need to regem for +hit. I’m also toying around with respeccing to something along these lines, to try to boost damage, but I’ll need to start stacking more Intellect than I already have been to pull it off. =\

Oh, and finally, the overall WWS stats afterwards:


The hunter on top is SV spec, the rest of us are all Beast Mastery. I honestly feel pretty good based on how far behind my gear is, my pet is inexplicably missing from one of the fights, and the fact that I was running a fever of 101 degrees throughout the raid, with chills so violent I almost fell off my chair. ^.^;

I might get lucky and be in the pickup raid tonight, but if I’m not, I might not be able to raid until after the next reset. At any rate, here’s to hoping the new gear makes a big difference!


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One Response to “The continuing adventures of a Beast Master”

  1. Eresin Says:

    GZ on your gear from Naxx. I ran last night, got 3 quarters done, I was the only hunter but no loot dropped for me, nothing I could even fight for 😦

    Like you I’m hoping to be in the pick up group for the rest of naxx

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