7 Responses to “Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe”

  1. Kristi Says:

    (following the LJ link)

    Hi! I just wanted to add that the only really annoying thing about the authenticator is that, since most experienced typists use the 10-key pad to enter numbers like the authenticator key, it drives me CRAZY that my numlock key is off half the time due to me locking autorun in the last time I was logged in to play, so I tend to enter my key once or twice and wonder why NOTHING IS GETTING ENTERED IN THE BOX.

    And meanwhile, the authenticator key expires and turns off.

    And then I remember, and sheepishly turn on my Numlock key, and start over.

    I R SMRT.

    • Tchann Says:

      Ah! I didn’t even think about that! Long ago I got annoyed with having NumLock randomly on or off depending on autorun, so I changed my autorun key entirely. ^.^; I’d completely forgotten that the NumLock key was the default for that.

  2. Eresin Says:

    I bought an autheniticator recently and I am happy with the security it provides. I do worry about losing it or the battery running out though cos you can’t even log in online without it!

    • Tchann Says:

      Thankfully, if you ever lose your authenticator you can call up Billing and have it removed from your account. But yeah, it would still be a hassle to get it done if the worst were to happen. x.x

  3. Anj Says:

    I also enjoy the peace of mind that is delivered free with the Authenticator. However, the absolution of hack-worries has been replaced by a new stress, that being that one day I’m going to press that Magic Button and… it’s not going to work.

    Batteries are a finite thing, yeah the Authenticator is about as low-powered as a digital device can get, but still…

    Maybe I am born to worry. :\

  4. Anj Says:

    (i see the post, i see no comments. i post my comment, suddenly there’s four others. and i have just blatantly paraphrased one of them. oh dear. i blame the authenticator 😉

  5. One year later… « Crowd Control Says:

    […] minutes’ worth of blogging, I’ll try to help at least one more person. I have a single Blizzard Authenticator sitting, unused, reaching out for an owner to claim it. It could be yours! From now until midnight […]

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