A Story of Semantics

I’m standing in Orgrimmar. I’d been using the AH before the raid began, and my hearth was on cooldown, so I was essentially just waiting for a summon. I also hadn’t yet realized that I could just take the zeppelin and be in the same zone we were raiding in. Aaaanyway…

I get a whisper. It’s a level 47 druid, who turns out to be standing right next to me. He asks me if I’m Beast Mastery spec, and I wonder why he didn’t just check my talents. But I confirm that yes, I am BM. Then begins the fun.

He insists that Omen is tameable.

I tell him, no, Omen is not tameable. Omen is a demon. Omen is level ??. All of these factors go into Omen not being tameable. I also mention that I know there is a tameable model that is the same as Omen, but it is not Omen.

He insists that Omen is tameable, and that he knows what he’s talking about. Also, I should trust him, and follow him so he can show me.

I tell him flat out that no, I cannot trust him. I gave him a ‘=P’ for good measure. He continues insisting. This goes on for about five minutes, during which I’m having a good laugh with my guild over this.

Finally, right as I’m realizing that I can just ride the zepp, he tells me that I should “type in kurken” and see for myself. I remind him that the mob has the same model as Omen, but is not, in fact, Omen. He then admits that he knows that, but just calls it Omen anyway because they look the same.

Then I opened up my IRP social pane, and gave his profile the alternate title of “dumbass”. Because they look the same.


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One Response to “A Story of Semantics”

  1. Victor Stillwater Says:

    LOL. Funny stuff. 🙂

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