Malygos in Review

Last night was not our first attempt at 25-man Malygos. Far from it. However, it was the first time that we took down that freakin’ dragon, and that was worth the two hours of wiping beforehand! There were only two hunters in the raid, a truly rare occurrence, which meant of course that no hunter loot dropped whatsoever.

But, loot and wipes aside, it’s time to take a look at the (dun-dun-dunnnnn!) WWS log.

First off, for the kill of Malygos himself, overall:


Number five. Not horribly shabby! The other hunter, SV spec, didn’t even make it into the top 10, so I really haven’t much to complain about. The shaman there always does insane amounts of damage, as well as the rogue on top. But, now let’s take a closer look at the fight.

Malygos is a tricky bugger. He’s got three phases to contend with:

Phase 1 – power sparks and his vortex
Phase 2 – shooting guys down from the sky
Phase 3 – riding on a drake

So out of all the phases, Phase 1 is the only time I’m really attacking Malygos directly. It’s also the best time for any amount of concentrated dps. Essentially, everyone stands around and kicks the crap out of him while the tank turns him away from the raid. During this time, Malygos will spawn two ‘power sparks’ – mobs that drift towards the boss, and if they get to him, will increase his damage output. But if you kill the sparks, they let loose an effect that boosts the damage of players in the area. Only two spark areas will be up at a time, as well.

On top of this, Malygos will pick the entire raid up at regular intervals and spin them around for several seconds, damaging them pretty heavily. We also take falling damage when we get release from the vortex, and the aggro table is wiped. It is possible to shot Malygos during the vortex, and I can usually get three shots in before dropping.

Oddly enough, our raid last night was pretty melee heavy, so the power sparks were dropped in areas to best benefit the melee. Since Malygos’ hit box is so freakishly huge, I was rarely able to stand in the spark and still shoot at him, so I didn’t get the benefit from the sparks as much as I would’ve liked to. Mijikai, however, did incredibly well, which is evident in my damage breakdown from the fight:


Now, at first it doesn’t look like too much – as a BM hunter, I’m used to my pet doing easily 40% of my damage. But I only really get to use Mijikai on Phase 1, because in Phase 2, everything changes.

At 50% health, Malygos flies off and leaves us with a bunch of peons flying around on discs. Every so often an anti-magic dome will pop up and the whole raid will run to it, as it will start shrinking over time. Since Malygos will periodically hit the entire platform with a hugely damaging magic attack, being in one of those domes is key.

Some of the flying peons are melee based, but most of them are flying in set path several meters up. With my range, I can hit them until they’re about halfway across the platform, but this still causes me to switch targets pretty often. While we take down the melee-based ones, I wait until we’re in a dome then unleash volley after volley in the dome until we have to switch domes. It works pretty well.

As the peons die, their discs drop to the ground, which can then be used by the players to fly up and attack. Plus, if you’re on a disc, you won’t get hit by Malygos’ big magic attack. Unfortunately, I always seem to get to a disc right behind someone else, so I’ve just given up on grabbing one of them altogether and just shoot them from the sky. Because of all this, I keep Mijikai on passive and she does no damage during this phase.

In Phase 3, the platform shatters to pieces and everything gets hard.

The entire raid drops onto red drakes, which you control for the rest of the fight (and are apparently not recorded on the WWS log). There is no aggro table, just abilities which build combo points for damage or healing. Since I’m dps, my job is simple: do damage. I spam the small attack a few times, wait for energy points, and then throw a firey dot onto Malygos. The dot stacks up to 20, so keeping that active is incredibly important. Meanwhile, the healers are busy spamming an aoe healing effect that requires everyone to be clumped together in order to truly benefit from.

Of course, it couldn’t be just that easy. No, Malygos will randomly choose three people from the raid and cast a huge dot on them. If you’ve got the energy saved up, though, you can activate a shield that will reduce a lot of the damage from it. If you don’t use the shield, though, you’re pretty much done.

And then there’s the biggest kicker: he periodically spawns a large aoe spark effect that does huge damage to anyone in it. So the entire raid, while flying in three-dimensional space on a vehicle mount, continually keeps up dots on the boss while shielding themselves whenever necessary and almost constantly moving in a huge clump.

Oh, and the background looks like you might be on acid.

In the end, though, it was totally worth it. It’s always exhilarating to finally achieve something you’ve been working towards for quite a while. I didn’t top the charts, and I didn’t get any loot – but I certainly had fun! And hey, that’s what the game’s about.

…now if only the background would stop spinning after the battle was over. That’d be nice. ¬† x.x


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