Dazed and Twittered

It started with a twitter.

pikestaff: This may sound crazy but with Steady Shot getting a bonus from dazed targets I wonder if Imp. Concussive would be worth it o__o

Then I had a couple replies. Because I tend to use twitter more as a chat platform than microblogging. I’m a rebel like that.

tchann: @pikestaff Since Steady Shot is no longer our top shot (easily out done by Auto Shot alone) it’s probably not worth the points.

tchann: @pikestaff A random thought along the same lines – do the bonuses to Steady Shot from Serpent Sting and Conc. Shot stack?

And, eventually,

tchann: @pikestaff Y’know, I should be doing work, not theorycrafting Steady Shot. :: dives back into the spreadsheet ::

Certain things needed to be taken into consideration: one, cooldowns. Two, damage. Three, effects and how long they lasted. Other things needed to be made steady for the purposes of calculation: one, a standard duration of time. Two, a set attack power. Three, my sanity. I let the last one go.

What I ended up with is a spreadsheet that lets me plug in my AP, weapon damage and ammo damage, then spits out a dps estimate based on special shots alone (no auto-shot). There are two shot rotations, each going to or close to 100% base mana usage over the course of the rotation, without regeneration.

The first shot rotation uses Improved Concussive Shot, and keeps Concussive Shot up as often as possible to get the Steady Shot bonus. The second shot rotation is the standard Arcane/Steady spamming we’ve come to know and love. If you’re really curious to look at the sheet (published at 3500 AP for the hell of it), you can see it here.

So in the end? My gut reaction was right – Imp Conc Shot isn’t worth it for the damage boost. The ability costs more mana to cast than Steady/Arcane, and the effect is only up for 6 seconds max, with a cooldown of 12 seconds. That’s only a 50% possible uptime for the buff, not to mention, when was the last time we saw a boss that could be dazed with Concussive Shot in the first place?

I didn’t find out if the bonuses actually stack or not – I just assumed they would, and assumed in favor of the Imp Conc Shot rotation. It still lagged behind the regular rotation by 60dps – not a whole ton, but as we all know, every last point counts when it comes to those damage meters. 🙂


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