I ended up…where?!

All I wanted was 400 Unarmed Skill. Seriously.

After punching out a few dozen mammoths in Dragonblight, I pondered the World Map for the closest location with the highest-level mobs. The southern ridge of Wintergrasp, overlooking Ice Mist Village and rife with level 80 elementals, sounded like a fine plan. I flew up and started punching cyclones in the face.

Then a draenei hunter landed next to me and threw a hunter’s mark on me. As I’m not fond of PvP, and certainly wasn’t in the mood for it at the moment, I mounted up and ran all the way to the other end of the ridge. I figured I could kill one more elemental and fly off before she caught up.

I was wrong.

She immediately unloaded some heavy crits into my poor naked fists, and I was rather annoyed at having my farming interrupted. So, rather than let her have me as an honorable kill, I dishonorably threw myself off the ridge. I landed with a SMACK on a cliff in Ice Mist Village and smirked triumphantly as I hit ‘Release Spirit’.

The smirk disappeared as my ghost popped up in the Barrens.

The Barrens.

I double checked my surroundings. Sure, the minimap said ‘Barrens’ but maybe I…no. No. This was definitely the Barrens. My leap away from the hunter had sent me across an ocean.

So I did what came naturally: opened a ticket. Then I waited.

…did you know that you can travel to other continents while dead? I do now!

One twenty-minute corpse-run later, I arrived at my poor broken body in time for the GM to ask me if I still needed assistance. I thanked him, mentioned that I’d managed to find my corpse, and asked if there was any way to avoid ever doing this ever again.

Unfortunately, the answer seems to be ‘no’.

On the other hand, I cheered myself up by imagining that hunter sitting by my corpse, waiting desparately for me to spawn so she could kill me again. I hope I pissed her off. ^.^


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3 Responses to “I ended up…where?!”

  1. Meadhbh Says:

    *chuckles* Almost as strange as when I’d keep dying on my ickle level 8 gnome in one of the newbiezone troll cave….and end up in the Alterac Valley battleground. At level 8. Then I’d get a message saying that I was too low for that battleground and get teleported out to the bg entrance.

  2. Guntitan Says:

    A similar situation happened to me… you should see the good old post… http://guntitan.wordpress.com/2008/08/16/obtaining-prowl-rank-1-2/

  3. Abruzzi Says:

    Wow Barrens to Dragonblight corpse run that would suck.

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