There’s a deadline looming in front of me. It taunts me, reminding me that it’s there, waiting for me, beckoning me…I fear it. I succumb to it. And it’s only a few days away.

That’s right, the deadline for the Blizzard Writing Contest.

I’ve never been good at forcing myself to write. If the words don’t come to me naturally, they usually refuse to arrive at all. They might even sabotage me as they form, creating pitfalls and loopholes that only doom me in the end. Years of history and English essays are proof of this.

Despite that, I’m forcing myself to write for the contest. Looking at the situation practically, I determine my chances to be rather slim. While WoW is the current dominant Blizzard franchise, the contest is open to Diablo and Starcraft as well – two universes I’m nowhere near as familiar with, and that Blizzard might give preference to in order to increase awareness of the upcoming installments. By writing a story set in WoW, I may have already shot myself in the foot.

Secondly, the size range of the story is incredibly wide. A 3,000-word story is going to be completely different from a 10,000-word story. While I am confident I will hit the minimum word requirement, I am also quite sure I won’t come anywhere close to the maximum. If I write a shorter story and they’re looking for a longer one, then my chances are diminished even further.

Thirdly, I could take the easy way out. I’ve written dozens of ficlets for WoW that could be fleshed out into self-contained short stories without too much effort. But all these stories have been out on the intarwebs for quite some time…anybody else could have easily grabbed them and done the same. Better to be safe in my originality, so I’m writing it from scratch.

But then I run into the deadline. Just like NaNoWriMo (that I’m still working on…from three years ago), having a self-imposed deadline works for about three days before my attention wanders to something shiny. “Sure, I could write…or I could PUNCH OUT CYCLONES!” Things like that are my eternal writer’s block.

So what am I getting at here? Well, I could be writing more of the story, to get it finished in time to have a few beta readers take a crack at it before sending it in. Or I could write a Crowd Control post.

…guess which one won?


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3 Responses to “Procrastination”

  1. Guntitan Says:

    Don’t discourage yourself. Don’t forget to rewrite, revise, and edit. Send me a copy if you want. I majored in English and took a short story class. Good luck!

    • Tchann Says:

      Thanks for the offer! I’ve actually got some beta readers lined up already, but I could send it your way once it’s definitely done – just in case it doesn’t win and get published on its own. 🙂

  2. Guntitan Says:

    I wouldn’t mind.

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