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lolbrain sez ur doin it rong

April 15, 2009

Overall, yesterday went pretty smoothly. Woke up, tried to download the patch, failed to connect, started downloading from a mirror site, went to work. Got home from work, found the download corrupt, started the patch downloading from Blizz, started patching. Went out with friends, came home an hour after the servers came back up.


Logged in.


You see, I’m an addon addict. I use a good number of them, and I rely on them almost 100%. Playing the game with the default UI scares me now. So as I looked at LunarSphere and saw that it was borked, I almost cried. Perl Classic was also throwing back errors. WIM wasn’t working. And I haven’t even looked at Quest Helper yet.

Yet I hadn’t even spent ten minutes fussing with things in Dalaran before grabbing an invite to Ulduar 10 on their way to the second boss. I hopped in happily, prayed my addons would work enough to get by, struggled a bit with Misdirect (because I seriously never use it to pull), and clicked. And clicked. And clicked some more.

My brain kicked in. Hay. U. Ur not pullin. Apparently my brain is a lolcat.

The tank let me try twice before losing patience and pulling. Then I realized that I could Auto Shot, Arcane Shot, but my Steady macro wasn’t working. Then my guild yelled at me to get the hell away from the flame tornadoes that were hitting me for 4,000 damage apiece.

So tonight we hit up Ulduar 25 for real. I get home at 5:30, raid starts at 8:30. That gives me three hours to quick-fix my addons, smooth out my broken macros (Kill Shot changes make me cry), and get a new bag. Plenty of time, you say?

We’ll see. x.x