Frame Rate Frustration

Arbalest was unhappy last night.

For the record, Arbalest is my desktop computer, on which I play all my computer games. It is nowhere near top-of-the-line, but it works. Unfortunately, it decided to work a little less than usual last night, as its crankiness was rather annoying.

What it came down to was running Ulduar 25 while pulling about 4.8 frames per second during boss fights. So I was pretty surprised when I checked out the WMO logs for the laggiest fight of the evening, the creepy Deconstructor:


…third? What? I could barely move!

Still, it was nice to see that even when I have no idea what’s going on during the fight, I’m still doing something right. Let’s take a look at the breakdown:


No matter what my computer’s doing in the way of framerate, my pet will always be doing her best. Mijikai was a solid 50% of my damage in the fight! This is what it means to be a Beast Mastery hunter – the pet isn’t just additional damage, it’s your partner in pewpew.

Steady Shots were really only fired when I was able to stand still and focus on the target. After XT took its first rest, I was switching around to kill the adds, using Multi Shot more often than Steady. My side of the raid didn’t get as many adds as the other, however, so the difference isn’t as vast as it could have been.

I managed to get my Kill Shot off five times, which hopefully means XT was under 20% for only a little over a minute. Two of the Kill Shots crit, and the highest was at a delicious 12k damage.

Overall, the fight went well, and it was our first time taking down the big, creepy lug – plus we got an achievement! Hunter boots dropped and went to another hunter – I would have lost about 40 hit, and the two AP increase just didn’t seem like a fair trade.

We went on to wipe several times against the Iron Council before getting them down, grabbing yet another achievement. Then we went to go poke at Kologarn, dying a few times before calling it a night.

On Tuesday we start over from scratch.

I really love raiding. 😀


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