Well, my voiceover chops got a little rusty after three years out of the business, but I think the video works nonetheless!

The basics, one last time:

1) Keep three green shields up of Defend! at all times.
2) Spam Thrust when in Melee range.
3) Spam Charge when the opponent starts backing away.
4) Spam Shield Breaker as you bank sharply back after the Charge.
5) Lather, rinse, repeat!


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2 Responses to “Joust!”

  1. Kaphik Says:

    Yay for the first official video! Great job, Tchann!

  2. Eresin Says:

    Oh dear. I do keep trying this and every other video guide out there but I just can’t seem to beat one of them 😦
    *cries* I’m doomed to be valiant forever.

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