After the Comb

Raid went well last night. I didn’t feel especially OP, which was a good thing because I still came in fourth on the meters. The shaman who always tops the meters with an absolutely insane amount of dps did so yet again. It’s gotten to the point that the rest of us just ignore that he’s even on the charts in the first place.

Nonetheless! Focus calculations show that Mijikai is only wasting a few hundred focus now, instead of the 2500 from before. She also did more damage, my entire dps jumping about a full 1%. It may be minor, but improvement is improvement, so I’m happy.

It was an interesting composition of hunters for the run – we had three, one of each spec. Among the hunters alone, I topped the dps charts with 3755 (over the entire raid). The SV came in second at 3617, and MM third with 3091.

No loot for me – one piece dropped that was a sidegrade at best, so I passed on that. A staff dropped that was an upgrade, but would have been better for the feral druid. I deliberately chose to roll less (we have a priority-based rolling system) so that she could nab it if she wanted it – only to see the SV hunter roll top priority and snag it. I guess he needed it to offset the tanking gun he was sporting.

I desperately need a new ranged weapon. I’m still using the Drake-Mounted Crossbow from Heroic UK. It’s a great weapon to start raiding with, but I shouldn’t still be using it in the Antechamber of Ulduar. Unfortunately, my loot luck is abysmal and I continually lose rolls on the better weapons. All I can really do, I’m afraid, is keep rolling and praying.



One Response to “After the Comb”

  1. Baravis Says:

    Yeah, rolling on that staff didn’t seem too cool to me. I’m not well versed in Surv, but I hear it’s got more to do with your main weapon. Seems to me it was something a druid should have top priority on, but oh well.

    1% DPS increase is good, too! That’s pretty substantial when you’re talking a full raid’s damage. I’d be very proud of it. 🙂

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