I learned a lot today.

Mainly, I learned a lot about Excel spreadsheets and how fascinatingly useful they are. I also learned about the limitations of said spreadsheets, as well as my own patience.

That said, here’s the fruit of my labors:

Simple Pet Focus Spreadsheet

Simply put, it’s a hacked-together calculator that asks for some information from your WWS/WMO log. Give it the basic info in the ‘START’ tab, then click over to the ‘FINISH’ tab and take a look at your pet’s focus generation and use.

It’s not the be-all, end-all of pet focus analysis, but it’s certainly a start. If your pet is wasting 80% of its focus, after all, something’s going wrong somewhere.

Let me know how it works! It worked when I tested it out, but never underestimate the bugs that can arise after testing. 😉


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2 Responses to “Focus!”

  1. I never was good with popularity contests, anyway. « Crowd Control Says:

    […] Be careful, though – if your crit is too high, you could be wasting focus. Keep an eye on your pet’s focus usage to make sure it’s being spent […]

  2. Autocasts, Pet Focus and Respecs, Oh My! « Crowd Control Says:

    […] of all, to determine the autocast latency, I used my old Pet Focus spreadsheet to see the lag between my pets’ casts, as well as my pet’s focus effiency. I compared […]

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