The low point of progression

I would feel a whole lot better about this:


…if it weren’t for this:


Thorim continues to constantly pound us into the ground time and time again. I’m decently sure we could have had Freya down if we’d done her first, instead of after two hours of wipes, though. We’ve gotten her down in the past, so it’s not as if we’re incapable of it.

Then again, we’ve lost a tank and our top dps shaman to Wyrmrest Accord, the newly-dubbed magical golden land of roleplaying and raiding, and our raid leader is currently absent for personal reasons. It may have just been a very, very off night.



One Response to “The low point of progression”

  1. ironfeathers Says:

    Ooof. That does hurt, but I’m rootin’ for y’all.

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