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Eponymous: Crowd Control

June 3, 2009

The near-unexplored wilderness of Ulduar has brought into play a skill now rarely used among hunters. While once it was a heavily-sought ability, changes had nearly banished the practice from use altogether…until recently.

This long-lost talent is known as “trapping”.

The large quantity of mobs occasionally present in Ulduar has resurrected this long-lost art. The two hunters in our raid this evening chosen to trap were myself and our survival hunter. Allow me to use the two of us as examples as I explain some DOs (myself) and DO NOTs (survival hunter) of trapping.

DO: Find a spot to drop your trap a good way from where the fighting will be taking place. This way it will avoid any aoe- or splash-heavy spells.

DO NOT: Place your trap directly next to the other hunter’s. This just ensures that one trap is wasted, since the first mob to hit one trap will set both of them off.

DO: Place your trap early and keep an eye on its cooldown. Ideally, you want your second trap available for use as soon as your target gets caught in your first trap.

DO NOT: Use Freezing Arrow to start chain trapping. You lose the time you need for your trap cooldown to be up in order to effectively chain trap.

DO: Use Freezing Arrow as a last-minute, desperate last resort to keep something trapped mid-combat.

DO NOT: Pull the other hunter’s trap target into your trap. While the other hunter is hopefully good enough to switch targets at the last second, if the pull is borked, it’s probably your fault.

DO: Move ten to twenty yards away from your now-trapped target, set another trap, and move yourself another five yards in the same direction. This way the target will hit your trap before it hits you.

DO NOT: Run away after placing your trap and forget that you’re supposed be doing crowd control.

DO: Keep your target trapped until there’s a tank deliberately tanking it.

DO NOT: Give up trapping because leet dps is way more important, like, for serious.