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Ulduar: Flame Leviathan

June 12, 2009

This post is the first of several giving instructional advice for the Beast Mastery hunter slugging through Ulduar. These posts do not discuss every single strategy for any given boss, and hunters may find that their raid leaders prefer a different approach. For the most part, however, this information should provide a solid starting point for effective pewpew.

As soon as you walk through the door to Ulduar, the first thing you’ll see is a staging area filled with vehicles. That’s right, your first fight in Ulduar isn’t even one you get to really be a hunter in. Ignore that, though – the fight can be a lot of fun, so enjoy it while it lasts!

The vehicle section is split into two parts. Part One is trekking across the grounds towards the Flame Leviathan, taking down the towers that loom over you on the way. If you’re doing a hard mode, your RL will take you down a side passage to take out optional installations. Just kill everything in sight and you should be good to go.

Part Two is the Flame Leviathan fight itself. He’ll come bursting through a door at the end of the first area. Take the time before triggering him to repair at the glowy green circles – auto heal and energy refill FTW.

Now, for the tricky part. Your vehicle options are as follows:

Chopper: If in the motorcycle, your job is mainly twofold. One, throw down oil slicks in front of the things you’re fighting. The other vehicles will set it on fire, making a nice AoE that hurts the mobs but not you. The second, very major responsibility, is to pick up stranded players during the FL fight itself. Massive aura damage will kill a player outside a vehicle during the fight, so it’s your job to zoom to where they fall and pick them up in your sidecar, then zoom them over to a vacant seat on one of the other vehicles. It may seem like a minor role, but it’s actually incredibly important, so do it well!

Siege Engine (driver): The Siege Engines are big hunks of tank that move slowly over the battlefield. Their firepower is formidable, however, and they have an important task to complete during the FL fight: their Electroshock ability will interrupt FL’s Flame Jets, so the driver needs to be close enough to fire it off when necessary, but far enough to book it if the FL turns its guns on him.

Siege Engine (passenger): While another player is driving the engine, one will be perched on top with access to fun weaponry. The big one to spam is Fire Cannon, which does a hard-hitting AoE explosion when it lands. The Air Rocket ability is also useful to hit the pyrite canisters floating up above the playing field. Lastly, the Shield Generator needs to be hit whenever the engine in question gains aggro – it’ll help to mitigate the massive damage FL can dish out until the driver can get the engine as far away as possible.

Demolisher (driver):  The Demolisher has much of the same responsibilities as the Siege Engine, in that they need to book it when FL turns on them. However, they also have the incredibly important job of flinging their passenger onto FL’s back (explained further on). Not only do they need to be aware of when the passenger can be flung, but they also need to aim well, or risk severely injuring the passenger by missing.

Demolisher (passenger): The passenger of a Demolisher has a different job than the Siege Engine’s passenger. For one, the Demolisher passenger will need to load themselves into the catapult at the beginning of the FL fight. The driver will then aim and fire the passenger, hopefully onto the back of FL itself. Once on FL’s back, the passenger (if a hunter) will be going all-out dps on the turrets there. When the turrets all die, the passengers will be flung off FL’s back, and will need picked up by the Choppers (mentioned above).

The general flow of the FL fight is pretty simple. He’ll aggro on either a Demolisher or Siege Engine at random. The driver of the vehicle targeted needs to burn rubber in a direction opposite from FL – that is, kite him. We’re hunters, people, we should know all about kiting by now. The Siege Engine drivers get a speed boosting ability, and their passengers can shield the vehicle to prevent massive damage. The Demolisher passengers also have a speed boosting ability, but it uses a Pyrite Barrel, which is a disposable ammunition that needs to be collected before and during the fight.

As FL is being kited, Demolishers should fling their passengers onto its back, where they will start taking down the turrets. The drivers can then start dps’ing from afar. The Siege Engine drivers will need to be closer in order to do damage and interrupt as necessary, but be ready to start kiting FL when it switches targets. Siege Engine passengers will dps their hearts out on FL, while making sure to pop the shield when their vehicle gets the aggro. And Choppers will throw oil slicks in front of FL as often as possible, with intermittent dps.

FL will switch aggro every thirty seconds (mods like DBM will give you an alert as to when it’s about to switch), so drivers need to be ready to book it.

After the turrets on FL’s back are down, it’ll toss the players on its back into the air before shutting down for repairs. They’ll land and need to be picked up as soon as possible by the Choppers, then healed and zoomed back to their Demolishers. Everybody else should go full-out dps on FL while it’s repairing. As soon as the repairs are finished, the whole fight cycles through again.

It’s really not a hard fight, so don’t fret! And it’s fun to see some obscenely huge numbers pop up when you’re on the Demolisher or Siege Engine. But as aforementioned, it’s not a fight where your class has much to do with your huntery performance, so take this fight as an opportunity to warm-up your attention span for the rest of Ulduar.

Because, trust me, it’s a doozy.