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Ulduar: Razorscale

June 16, 2009

This post is the second of several giving instructional advice for the Beast Mastery hunter slugging through Ulduar. These posts do not discuss every single strategy for any given boss, and hunters may find that their raid leaders prefer a different approach. For the most part, however, this information should provide a solid starting point for effective pewpew.

For as much as I enjoy this fight, this is the boss battle that tries to make me regret keeping my pet on Defensive. Hopefully you used Flame Leviathan as a warm-up fight and you’re ready to go, because this fight will require you to be on the ball at all times.

When you first come down the stairs to Razorscale’s area, you’ll see four broken ballistae lined up in front of you. During the course of the battle, these ballistae will be repaired one by one, at which point they’ll need to be used. Once all the ballistae have been fired (two or four, depending on 10- or 25-man, respectively), the boss will be dragged to the ground temporarily for pewpew time. The raid leader will most likely assign one person to be on top of firing the ballistae as each one becomes available.

While the ballistae are being repaired, however, the rest of the raid has plenty of work to do. A bunch of Dark Iron drills will surface, each bearing 2-3 adds that will need tanked and dps’d as soon as possible. The three types of adds are:

Dark Rune Guardian: Lowest priority. They don’t do much other than a debuff on whatever’s tanking them, so you’ll target them last for killing.

Dark Rune Watcher: Second-highest priority. They do a nasty chain lightning attack that can hurt if you get caught too close to them. These are what you’ll spend most of your time dps’ing down first, as they spawn much more frequently than the Sentinels.

Dark Rune Sentinel: Highest priority. These guys whirlwind, so keep your pet off! Send your pet after a nearby Watcher or Guardian and pewpew these guys from afar. They don’t spawn often, but need to be taken down first when they’re up.

There are several waves of these mobs spawning while the ballistae are being repaired. However, while you’re killing the Dark Rune mobs, Razorscale is flying overhead, raining burning death upon you. She will constantly be firing both red and blue fireballs at people in the raid, each with their own consequences.

The red fireballs are targeted and cannot be dodged by running away, and do a significant chunk of damage when they hit.

The blue fireballs can be avoided, however, they will still hit and remain as an AoE for nearly thirty seconds. And it’s a nasty AoE – you need to be on top of things to make sure both you and your pet stay out of the fire!

This is where the Defensive pet behavior can get tricky. If all the mobs you’ve been fighting in an area are finished off, it’s likely you (or your pet) have been hit by one of the fireballs, and the pet will go running off to try to fight Razorscale. This isn’t possible, since she’s in midair, so the pet stands in the middle of the field, idle. And usually in a blue fireball AoE. And then the pet dies. So if you have your pet on Defensive, you must be aware of where the pet is at all times, or the pet will probably bite it.

After all the ballistae are fired, Razorscale is dragged to the ground for roughly 30 seconds. During this time, all dps is on Razorscale. Pop your Bestial Wrath and go all out, she has no aggro table during this phase. Ditch the adds, the tanks will survive keeping them busy during that time. Stay behind Razorscale, because when she takes off at the end of 30 seconds, she lets off a big breath attack in front of her, destroying the ballistae in the process. She also tosses everyone back and into the air as she lifts off.

Now, no matter if your pet is on Passive or Defensive, your pet will try to ‘follow’ Razorscale and keep attacking. They tend towards running towards the northeast corner of the battlefield, and then standing idle in a blue fireball AoE. So as soon as Razorscale takes off, click the Passive icon once (or twice, if you’re paranoid like me) to bring your pet back in before moving on to the adds.

This brings us back to the beginning – kill the adds, dodge the fireballs, fire the ballistae, dps Razorscale. When she hits 50% health, she’s grounded for good, at which point all the adds will stop spawning. Dps will need to switch to finishing off the adds after she’s grounded, so they don’t get in the way.

The rest of the fight, for us at least, is simple tank and spank. Stay behind the boss, who will be kited around the field as the tanks likely switch back and forth between themselves. Occassionally she’ll do her Wing Buffet to toss people back, and she still tosses the blue fireballs. Just keep moving, stay out of the fire, and pewpew her down as fast as you can.

Tada! Optional awesome boss completed. But don’t get excited if the gun drops – with strength and defense, it’s for tanks only. 😦