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Slow and not-so-steady

June 23, 2009

Ulduar is hard.

My guild is wonderful, and for a roleplaying server, we raid pretty darn heavily. We’re also casual, however, which is why I can do awesome stuff like raid as a Beast Master instead of the popular spec-of-the-week. It also means that when we down a boss, we didn’t really do so using established raid compositions. Honestly, I think this means we’re a stronger group than most hardcore raids, but that’s all subjective.

Unfortunately, it also means that we often don’t turn people away from our raids. If somebody continually dies in the fire, they keep raiding with us as long as they sign up on time. So when we hit a block in our progression, we have no other choice but to keep bashing our heads off it until it crumbles from sheer persistence.

Thus, I believe, the reason that we’ve only seen Mimiron once in Ulduar 25.

Mind you, I have no complaints! I’m not going to be leaving my guild to hop to some hardcore raiding guild. I just want to push the group further, and I’m running into my own personal roadblock in figuring out how that can be done. Until I get there, however, I’m working on improving myself.

Hodir kicked our butts last night. Seven times, in fact, before we got him down. I won’t go on about people not paying attention to the Flash Freeze, or how that nobody is allowed to complain that they can’t see the circles on the floor since I do the fight at a whopping 5 frames per second with projected textures on. No, I’m going to ramble a bit on where a hunter should be standing during the fight.

When our Raid Leader gives directions, I listen to him. I mean, he’s the guy calling the shots, the least I can do is follow. But last week our Hodir kill saw me at number 9 on the damage charts, and that doesn’t sit well with me. Not at all.

His instructions for hunters on Hodir included standing in the beams of light whenever possible. The beams of light are cast by the NPC druids, and standing in them increases attack power and speed significantly. The problem with this is that there’s a constant cold aura during the fight, and standing in place for more than three seconds will start stacking a painful debuff. So while standing in the light ups my AP and attack speed, it means I have to continually move about, even just jumping, to keep from dying.

Since standing in the light beams had gotten me a sinking dps of 3800 last week, I decided to try a different tactic last night. Instead of veering for those, I hunted out the fires set by the NPC mages. Those fires keep the nasty debuff off players in their vicinity, as well as add a stackable damage buff on the target. At the very least, I wanted to see the difference of just being able to stand still and pewpew on Hodir.

When the big guy finally went down and the logs went up, I compared the two weeks to each other. This week’s strategy of standing by the fires had increased my dps by 900, bringing it up to a solid 4700, putting me fourth for damage done in the fight. And of all the damage I’d done, 13% of it came from the fires’ damage buff. The next highest hunter did 4000 dps, down at #10.

So sometimes, it pays not to listen to the RL. Just don’t make it a habit! ^.^;