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Ulduar: Ignis the Furnace Master

June 29, 2009

This post is the third of several giving instructional advice for the Beast Mastery hunter slugging through Ulduar. These posts do not discuss every single strategy for any given boss, and hunters may find that their raid leaders prefer a different approach. For the most part, however, this information should provide a solid starting point for effective pewpew.

Ignis is found at the Colossal Forge, waiting for the foolhardy raid to come barreling in and get burned to a crisp in the Maker’s fire. He’s also optional, and can be skipped if the raid has more pressing things to attend to, like Kologarn. Ignis is also the closest thing to a tank-and-spank in Ulduar up to that point, so it’s a nice chance to sit back and concentrate on doing damage.

The fight begins with a pull, very possibly from a hunter misdirect. The size of Ignis and the room itself is a very effective lesson in scale and weapon range – a Hunter’s Mark can’t even be applied until one has crossed the dividing line in the middle of the room. One way or another, the boss will be aggro’d on the tank and the fight will begin.

At regular intervals, Ignis will drop a Scorch area. This is a very obvious and very large AoE that blackens the ground and shoots up licks of fire. Get out of it! Find a safe spot among the raid and pewpew. You can send your pet after Ignis and concentrate on your shot priority.

You will need to move as the fight wears on. The Scorches are large, as before mentioned, and the tank will be kiting Ignis around so that the Scorches are placed in a manageable manner. If the raid chooses to have Ignis tanked in a square-like formation, the Scorches will be at each corner.

Unfortunately, while the rest of the raid can get by standing in the middle of the square, Ignis’ hit box is large enough that hunters will be in melee range if they stand in the center. So find the minimum distance and keep moving to avoid where the Scorches will fall. It’s best to wait for a spot in the priority when an Arcane Shot and a Serpent Sting are back-to-back, because they can both be fired while running.

Another fun bit that Ingis likes to pull often is Flame Jets. The entire raid will be hit for fire damage and flung up into the air. The flinging also interrupts any casting, but us hunters aren’t interrupted in the same way spellcasters are. When we hit the ground, we can go back to pewpewing as normal. Thankfully, since Flame Jets is fire damage, it can be resisted and the entire interrupt/flinging incident avoided. In midair, however, is a great time to renew Serpent Sting.

The last of the things Ignis does to the raid directly is the Slag Pot. Ignis will charge a random member of the raid, scoop them up, and shove them in his pantspot, where they will take a massive amount of damage over time. The player can’t do much except heal themselves through any means available to them. For hunters, keep the mouse ready to click your Healthstone in case the heals don’t come fast enough. The player is eventually dumped unceremoniously onto the ground, often right into the middle of a Scorch. Be ready to run!

So, there are the basics of Ignis himself. Unfortunately, there’s always a little bit more that Blizzard likes to throw at us. In Ignis’ case, he has adds that are summoned throughout the fight. These adds are the constructs lining each side of the room – they’ll come to life and start running rampant throughout the raid. An off-tank will need to round them up and have them stand in the Scorches. What this does is make them ‘Molten’, at which point the construct will need to be kited into one of the large pools of water on either side of the room.

When the construct hits the water, it becomes ‘Brittle’ – and can be completely shattered in one hit…as long as that hit is for over 5000. Anything less will do nothing, and when the construct shatters it does so with a nice little AoE. So ranged dps capable of consistently doing over 5000 in one hit will likely be assigned to shatter constructs. The rest of the raid will pretty much ignore the constructs altogether.

Ignis has no phases, just all this chaos going on until he’s finally dead on the floor. In a worst-case scenario, he can be reset by running him back up the ramp to the teleporter. With Flame Jets going on, however, it’s rough to survive that long in case of a near-wipe. But with him down, all that remains between your raid and the next section of Ulduar is a giant robot with a penchant for temper tantrums and breaking his toys. Ouch.