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Summer Slump

July 23, 2009

In my case, I’ve had reasons. Family came to visit, requiring a two-week blitz to clean up the apartment in time, plus planning a meal that would make my grandmother proud (it did). Then at the same time I started interviewing for a new job, landed the job, then put in my two weeks’ notice at my current job, which means wrapping my job up into a bundle that anyone could pick up (impossible). So, I’ve been busy.

But what’s worrisome is when I’m ready to dive back into raiding and the rest of the raid…isn’t there.

I’ve seen it before. The season changes and people get busy and raiding isn’t top priority, which is honestly a very healthy thing for someone’s life (assuming the top priority isn’t, y’know, a real-life murder spree). But the last time I saw the Summer Slump, it eventually killed an entire guild.

Granted, I don’t think that’s the case here. But the paranoid part of my mind – a nagging little voice who is far louder than it ought to be – keeps reminding me of the last guild that I watched die from the Summer Slump. The problem comes if the Summer Slump spreads into the Fall Slump and once you hit winter, there’s no recovering.

That’s hopefully not the case now. I don’t want it to be the case now. But what doesn’t help is my new job having later hours, getting me home just barely in time for the raid. While the Summer Slump may not kill my guild, it might kill my own ability to raid. And that would, quite bluntly, suck.

We’ll see what happens. Trust that I’ll have more to say when it comes along! I’m itching to write the Kologarn guide, and I haven’t even peeked at the PTR yet.

How are all of you doing? Is summer getting in the way of your gaming schedule?