How exactly do I put this?

At the end of June I went on a self-imposed hiatus from WoW in order to prepare for visiting family. While the preparations were completed, I also remembered that I had other ways to entertain myself in the evenings. So when I returned to WoW, finally, I was far more focused in my efforts, and really only logged on in order to raid.

Then I acquired a new job. This new job is fantastic, something I’d wanted for years and was excited to finally get. Longer hours, longer commute, but far better pay plus benefits. I’m very happy with it, but unfortunately, it cuts into my evening a bit more. So after I get home from work and cook and eat dinner, I have less time to spend with entertainment than I did before.

On top of all that, 3.2 was released and suddenly my guild’s progression was split between finishing Ulduar and doing all the shiny new stuff. Also, my computer’s frame rate during raids dropped from 7 (barely manageable) to 3 (deadly), and I cannot find a reason for it.

So I find myself in a tight spot.

I still enjoy raiding, but I can’t raid without giving my computer a major overhaul (new motherboard to handle more memory, etc…). But my computer still runs all the other games I like to play just fine, plus I’ve been getting back into console gaming. Even when I’m willing to suffer the 3fps to raid, my schedule doesn’t link up with my guild’s raiding schedule anymore, and the raids I can sign up for ultimately get canceled. Additionally, I started taking my Eee to work in order to write posts, but ended up restarting a novel I began writing ten years ago.

Lastly, Cataclysm looks fantastic and I find myself upset that it’s not here now.

The point of all this is that I haven’t quit the game. Nor have I quit writing. My attentions, due to the circumstances, just happen to be elsewhere. So if anyone is still reading this, I promise I will be back. Fer srs.


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One Response to “How exactly do I put this?”

  1. Kareth Says:

    You had me frightened there for a moment.

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