Wolf vs. Devilsaur

“Did Devilsaur get a stealth nerf?” tweeted the Pike this afternoon. “Consistently showing Wolf > Raptor > Devilsaur. YMMV.”

My eyebrow peaked. But Blizzard, I cried into the ether, worrying my coworkers, didn’t you say you wanted exotic pets to be on top, always?

They did. But apparently, they also changed their minds.

I only have three pets at level 80: Mahrou, a wolf; Mijikai, a devilsaur; Murinandai, a rhino. Since rhinos aren’t exactly known for being top-of-the-line dps pets, I squared off Mijikai and Mahrou head-to-head in Silvermoon, my preferred testing ground for all things huntering.

The conditions were static between the two tests: I had one buff (Kings) leftover from a Coren Direbrew run. Each test went for two minutes exactly, using the stopwatch feature as a timer. I would have Hunter’s Mark active before the beginning of the test, and started each test out with Bestial Wrath, punching it one more time during each test. Both pets’ specs were exactly the same. Lastly, I kept on attacking until I ran out of mana, hit Aspect of the Viper until I was up to ~7000 mana again, then turned Dragonhawk back on.

I had Recount running for preliminary numbers, but they were sort of shady so I ended up ignoring them. Then I spent a good half hour switching between log websites until I found one that a) worked, and b) accepted a log without a boss fight. Then I looked at the numbers.

Then I tried not to cry.

Sure enough, Mahrou, my first pet ever from way back at level 10, out-damaged Mijikai the freakin’ DINOSAUR. He hit harder (avg of 640/hit vs. Mijikai’s 590), he critted more often (51 vs. Mijikai’s 47), and buffed my plain hunter damage by nearly 200 dps (Furious Howl). Mijikai just couldn’t keep up, despite being, y’know, A GIANT FREAKIN’ DINOSAUR.

I might be a bit hung up on this, here.

So it seems that wolves have climbed above the TYRANNOSAURUS FREAKIN’ REX. I don’t know if this was a stealth buff, stealth nerf, or if somebody at Blizzard is just really, really drunk. But I do know that Mahrou is by my side once more until further notice.



14 Responses to “Wolf vs. Devilsaur”

  1. Atkallen Says:

    Interesting topic no doubt, but you can leave the crit data out. 51 vs 47 is minimal, especially since it’s a chance to crit, not a guarantee to crit. Aside from that, I’m quite interested by this apparent BM change that nobody saw coming. It’d be interesting to track this and see if it holds true a week or even a month from now.

    • Tchann Says:

      I agree the crit data is probably negligible, but all of the other procs had far slimmer margins of difference between the two than that one, so I felt it was worth mentioning. =\

  2. Sylus Says:

    Wow. This sort of thing gets me furious. I’m beast master through and through, dispite it not always being tops on damage meters. I love my pets. I’ve made it a habit of collected rare pets, and go figure none of the “BM rare pets” are on top even for me… Heck, my wolf skinned spirit beast isn’t even any good for it!

  3. Matojo Says:

    Oooh, this makes me sad. 😦 Though I will most likely still use Eddie, especially once he hits 80, because I adore him and my usual parties don’t tend to care – I make up for the damage difference in (I hope) smarts. This is disappointing though, Blizz! Exotics really should be at the top.

  4. Ambrosyne Says:

    Going by spreadsheet numbers, a wolf beats my devilsaur, Omnomnom, by 20 DPS.


    I tamed an 80 wolf in a skin I didn’t like (my other wolf is only 75 still) and took him into Ulduar with me.

    He then proceeded to die 8 times on Razorscale and Ignis. Frustrated beyond belief, I pulled out Omnomnom, who for some strange reason (or the luck of not being on those fights) seems to have a better self of self preservation, and he only died a couple of times all the way through Hodir.

    …screw wolves and their 20 DPS more.

    • Ambrosyne Says:

      Oh, and just a note: for me it went Wolf > Devilsaur > Raptor. Corehound was actually up there, too, I just don’t remember exactly where…but he seemed to be faring better that the spirit beasts.

    • Tchann Says:

      I wonder if the devilsaur’s unnaturally large hitbox causes it to need to move more often. Mijikai often seems to pound around unnecessarily…if that’s the case, then maybe she was avoiding more than I knew?

  5. Aspect of the Hare » Beast Mastery in 3.2.2: Less QQ, More PewPew Says:

    […]  The Wolves > Devilsaurs thing, however, appears to be legit as far as I know and has been confirmed on the training dummies by the lovely Tchann of Crowd […]

  6. RJK Says:

    Just when you think you have all things BM figured out something like this happens….well say bye bye to my Devilsaur that I have been leveling up…and looks like lunch time will be spent looking for a wolf that doesnt look like it suffers from malnutrition!

    But thanks for the heads up!

  7. youyankityoutankit Says:


    Not happy to hear this. I leveled in Vanilla/BC as Beast Mastery on my hunter and only dual specced survival to do decent dps… and I suck at it. I have my poor little white t-rex sitting in the stables 😦

  8. Kestrel Says:

    I.Hate.Wolves. Have yet to see a canine skin that I like even a little bit. The only contender is the spirit wolf, and that’s because it’s damn near invisible. *sigh* WHY do I keep a cat, anyway?

  9. Rizal Says:

    I like this wolf skin myself.


  10. Kestrel Says:

    Heh…in the interests of full disclosure, my current pet is now a wolf. I still think they’re all ugly, but I’ve also changed my spec to Survival since I’m now doing a bit of raiding on Kestrel.

    However, should I ever tame a spirit beast (I’m dual-specced), then it’s BM forever!

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