Three Cubed


It’s an interesting number.

If you see an alt running around at level 27, it shows that the player has definitely put some effort into that character…but not nearly as much as a level 50, 65, or 80. It’s an odd place between casual and hardcore that makes it difficult to determine how serious a player is about a character.

The same number of talent points is a frustrating place – enough to snag the 20-point talent in a tree, but not enough to really effectively split your spec between two trees. And still three short of hitting the 30-point talent.

Twenty-seven is two stacks of Honeymint Tea, three stacks of Un’goro Gorilla Pelts, and seven more Underspore Pods than anyone can carry. It’s my fortune awaiting me outside Palemane Rock, and the Lashtails trapping Ajeck and Sir Erlgadin. It’s the requirement for Crystalpine Stinger and Tusken Helm.

It’s also what I’ll be for the next year. ^.^ Here’s hoping it’s a good one!



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