Back on Top

Last night was my first foray back into raiding after not only a decent-sized hiatus, but also acquiring the Highwind. The night was eventful, to say the very least.

To say more than the least, it was lots of fun. 😀

We started off at VoA to slap down the two big bosses, then flew up to the Tournament to give ToC a shot. It took many, many wipes on Anub’arak to get him down, but down he went anyway. For the hell of it we ran over to Onyxia and beat her down as well, thus bringing my first-time-boss-fight total for the night to three.

And despite having not been raiding for weeks on end, and being significantly behind the rest of the guild gear-wise (I couldn’t even roll on the trophies that dropped, because you needed to have 45 emblems first), I still came in third on the dps meters.

The most amusing part of the night? My bow broke during our fourth attempt at Anub’arak. About three shots in, no less. After running around for a few seconds, completely clueless as to what to do, I did the only thing I could think of: melee. I felt like a moron but still contributed 2400 dps to the wipe! 😀

While my dps on the Anub’arak kill was less than stellar, there was something important to be gained from the log. My total dps for the fight was 4700. Tchann’s personal dps was 2600, where Mahrou’s dps was 2100. That’s right, even after the pet nerf, my pet still did a solid 44% of my total dps on a boss kill.

I love being a Beastmaster. ^.^


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One Response to “Back on Top”

  1. Phil Says:

    And who doesn’t? BM is da bomb!

    Keep it up, and don’t forget: our pet is da bomb!


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