:: stretches, cracks back ::

Alright, where was I?

I’ve been out of the raiding scene for a few months. Holiday season got crazy busy but now I’m back in the saddle and ready to ride. Unfortunately, it seems I’m a few miles behind.

I also haven’t been paying much attention to hunter changes, news, development, or really anything. So I’m out of the loop as well, although I heard something recently about pet auto-ability lag, so that’s something I’ll need to poke at. I also want to run another comparison between Mahrou and Mijikai to confirm that wolves are still the top dps pet.

I’ve started running IC with my guild, who are wonderfully fantastic and took me back without a peep when I signed back up on the raiding roster. I am months behind the rest of them in gear, which I’m hoping is the main reason behind my dismal dps. Where I used to be in the top five, I’m now solidly in the top ten. This needs to be changed.

On the topic of gear, I’m still wearing purple bracers from Heroic Nexus. This needs to remedied.

So, I’ve got a lot to work on. I finally got my gear fitted with epic gems, and I’m still (slowly) upgrading the enchants that aren’t top-notch. I need to do some log analysis to figure out if my shot priority has changed at all, as well as looking at my talent points and making sure everything’s in order.

This game has a tricky way of flipping the tables on you when you’re not looking. Time for me to start looking again.


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