One Week Later

I’m ba~ck!

The big changes between this week and last:

  • New boots and a new ring
  • Splurged on the new ammo (30g per raid)
  • Aimed Shot

Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell how much really changed between last week and last night. The only fight that’s really good to use for comparison’s sake is Marrowgar, and I unluckily bit the dust for about half of that fight last night. In retrospect, the next time I’m surrounded on all sides by fire and Marrowgar is bone storming right on top of me, I need to blindly Disengage and pray instead of looking for a safe egress.

Also, despite talking about macroing Bite in with Steady Shot, I forgot to do so until halfway through the raid, so those numbers are unreliable. Despite that, it looks like Bite got delayed even worse (1.3 seconds on average), even though Mahrou is still gaining twice as much focus as he uses. For tonight, I’ll try macroing Bite in with Arcane Shot as well. Heck, I might just throw it on every shot I use, for the hell of it.

Now, for the things I discovered last night:

  • One can use Disengage to get out of Vortex range during the Blood Prince fight.
  • One canNOT use Feign Death to avoid a big fiery ball of death.
  • Icecrown Citadel trash can be easily handled with lots and lots of Volley.
  • Deathwhisper’s ghosts don’t have to actually touch you to hit for 16k – they can do it from about five yards away. Ouch.

This was a good return to the fray – I’m feeling pretty positive about jumping back in the saddle. 🙂



One Response to “One Week Later”

  1. Euripides Says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out a good bite solution- adding it to shots that we fire every second and a half is a good start, but would still allow the pet some idle time. Also, for volleys it isn’t going to be used at all. Not an issue in ICC normally, but for people still doing Anub hard, it will be a factor.

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