Pet Autocast is NOT Broken

In fact, I am a freaking moron.

I say this with full sincerity. I feel like a total fool because I have made a grave error, and I regret it wholeheartedly. I beg for your forgiveness and pray I haven’t screwed things up too badly.

It had been many, many months since I had last revisited my Pet Focus spreadsheet. Because of this delay, I neglected one of the many intricacies of reading a raiding log – namely, its tendency to list Hits separate from Critical Hits.

When doing my initial calculations, I only included Hits. Neglecting the Critical Hits caused the distressing numbers I reported earlier.

Tonight, I ran through another set of trials. When I was running my numbers, I realized the discrepancy and confirmed it – I had indeed been neglecting the crits from counting. When they were added in, my pet was casting Bite every 1.7 seconds. When I revisited last week’s trials, that number switched to 1.6. Both of these are perfectly well within the reasonable realm of delay between autocasts.

If pet autocast is broken, I see no evidence of it.

Again, my humblest apologies. I’m an idiot. >.<


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