So, I gave it a shot.

I’ll preface this with saying that things have been rough in raid as of late. Not only are we wiping over and over because we’re not pulling enough dps overall, but our raid leader and his fiancée are both leaving to start a hardcore raiding guild on a newer server. It’s demoralizing, frustrating, and overall not a good thing.

So after I looked at the logs from Sunday night, I made a decision. If no one else was able to step up their dps, and people keep telling me repeatedly that I’d do more dps as MM, I’ll give MM spec a shot and see if I can make up for what we’re lacking.

I spent yesterday reading up on MM, retalenting, reglyphing, and reworking my UI. I set up Watcher for the MM shot priority appropriate for my stats, and ran a few trial runs on a dummy in Silvermoon. Then raid started, and we went straight for Rotface, who’d knocked us down time after time on Sunday.

After the first wipe, I decided to bounce back and forth between MM and BM until we had him down. After three wipes, we downed him on the fourth attempt.

I chose these two attempts to compare because:
a) they both ended in a wipe (at around 10%)
b) they were both flasked (we typically don’t flask on the first attempt)
c) I was far more comfortable with MM at that point

The fourth attempt, the one that we actually killed him on, was done with me as Beast Mastery.

It should be noted that I did not regem or re-enchant my gear for MM. This was partially because I didn’t have time, but mostly because I’m stingy and didn’t want to buy all-new gems just for this attempt. Also, I didn’t use my personal logs, but the logs of one of our healers, just for the sake of neutral numbers.

During my foray into the field of MM, I noticed a few interesting things:

a) All I really had to do to my UI was swap BW with Chimera Shot, and Intimidation with Readiness. I pulled Trueshot Aura onto my bar just in case, but the other three MM hunters already had it up, so I didn’t need it.
b) My personal dps increased by 1000, but my pet’s decreased by 1500. In any fight where you’re moving (are there fights where you don’t move nowadays?), having 40% of your dps always on the boss is a big help.
c) I grabbed aggro fast. And constantly. I’d heard it from one of our tanks before, but MM does lots of damage fast and it’s very easy to grab aggro faster than the FD cooldown is up.

In the end, yes, I’m sure that if I regemmed and re-enchanted and devoted my life entirely to the worship of min-maxing I could do obscene amounts of dps in every raid I’m ever in, ever.

But screw that. BM is where I’m happy.

(Blogger’s note: I realized while I was typing this that I neglected to macro in Silencing Shot to my other shots. Our top MM hunter’s Silencing Shot dps on Rotface attempt #3 was 108.6, which would have modified my MM dps to 6187.7, still 800dps below my BM dps on attempt #2.)


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9 Responses to “So, I gave it a shot.”

  1. Euripides Says:

    Were you timing your cooldowns with your trinket procs, as well as getting the 2t10 bonus saved on a sting you kept refreshed? Did you have the bleed debuff, as well as a major and minor armor debuff? Did you spend much time in viper? Any of these things can make MM less than BM or SV.

    • Tchann Says:

      These questions indicate the source I was using for my MM information (linked by my RL) was far from comprehensive. My fault for not researching further – it hadn’t occurred to me to time my cooldowns to procs, since they’re not things I typically keep an eye on mid-combat (especially when I’m running from Slime Spray and Ooze Floods).

      It appears Piercing Shots (the bleed you’re referring to, am I correct?) had a 69% uptime, which I’m guessing is not ideal. I spent no time at all in Viper. As for the t10 bonus on a Sting, I’m not entirely sure at all how I ‘d track that. Wait for the proc and then let out a sting to keep refreshed?

    • Euripides Says:

      Piercing shots is a 30% boost to crits from physical shots, so it’s quite a nice boost if you have a bleed debuff. The uptime is usually higher, but that’s just going to be based on how often you crit, and whether there’s DPS downtime. Timing cooldowns is indeed a challenge, but it’s part of the assumptions the min/maxers use to demonstrate their final verdict about BM vs MM.

      Lastly, not all fights will allow MM to shine- they really thrive on single target, fully debuffed bosses. Switching to adds can mean the loss of a 2t10 boosted serpent sting if the sting falls off.

  2. Merell Says:

    I wholy support doing what makes you happy, heck I could probably respec Mer to oomkin and punch out far more DPS than I do no… but it’s not MerKat… I’ve been raiding as a cat since BC and while incredibly frustrating to master (by far I do not think I have) I have fun doing it!

    While there is some strain right now I am looking forward to what is to come in our future raid wise. Still an interesting experiment. Kudos to you for trying.

  3. Ceirin Says:

    The gems and enchants really can make a difference, I think- when I switched to MM I remember noticing a boost after fixing up my gear for it. Of course, that was also at lower gear levels and my BM dps was nowhere near as good as what you can push out, so MM was an increase to begin with. Dropping all that gold on something you don’t want to do much anyway -does- suck though, and since BM is where you’re happy (and still outdoing people) it doesn’t really seem necessary.

    If low dps is a concern maybe there’s something to be done besides the higher dpsers just pushing themselves further? I know I’m one of the people hanging out near the bottom of the damage meter and I’d be willing to do whatever else is necessary to help, as it seems the reading and research hasn’t really made a big enough difference. It doesn’t seem like it should be on your shoulders to pick up the slack when you’re already doing well.

    • Euripides Says:

      My guild has discussed adding a new type of officer- one that does nothing but try and help people on the bottom half of the charts improve their game. We’re going to call it a mentorship program.

    • Tchann Says:

      I honestly just don’t feel like someone in a position to push others to work harder. I’ve never considered myself a leader, even though I always have plenty of opinions on how things are run. ^.^;; I don’t feel right trying to tell other people what to do, and have always just taken it upon myself to fix things if it’s feasible to do.

    • Euripides Says:

      It’s hard to find a balance. Mentorship can easily and quickly turn into one-upsmanship and arse-hattery.

      If it’s done right, however, it can be a welcome bonus for the people being mentored. A non-confrontational, no-strings-attached make-over can do wonders for their self esteem. Especially if it works, and they start doing more DPS.

      • Tchann Says:

        I can attest to this. It was because someone I trusted reached out to me that I was able to turn around from insisting melee huntering was feasible.

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