Pet Peeves

While I’m sure I have a thousand pet peeves about the world in general, and at least a few dozen about World of Warcraft, I’d like to take a minute and sit right there just go over a few I have about hunters in raids. That’s specific enough that I think I can cover it in one post, at least.

1) Hunter’s Mark: Contrary to popular belief, and even common sense, Improved Hunter’s Mark is not immune to being overwritten by a lower-level mark. But that’s just one part of all of this. See, I have a Power Aura that pops up when my target does not have a Hunter’s Mark. I judge, based on the individual situation, whether it’s worth putting up a mark.

My pet peeve? When I throw a mark on the boss, which someone else immediately overrides because they weren’t paying attention, we switch to an add that dies in five seconds, which that other hunter threw a mark on, thus erasing the mark on the boss, which now needs reapplied. Does this sound confusing? Maybe it is, but when you’re constantly needing to reapply a mark to the boss because nobody else can tell if there’s already one there, it gets really simple.

2) Defensive vs. Passive: There was a time when Blizzard’s AI was…well, less than stellar. As a result, hunter pets were spectacular at breaking crowd control on a fairly regular basis. To counter this, hunters got into the habit of keeping their pets on passive in a raid, in order to keep from breaking crowd control and making their tanks very, very angry.

My pet peeve? Blizzard’s fixed the AI, guys. I’ve been running with my pet on Defensive for longer than I can remember for certain, and Mahrou has yet to break any CC. Throw your pets back on defensive, because a lot of you are far too lazy to keep sending your pet out after each add. Your pet may look cute scratching its ear by your side, but it’s not doing your dps any good.

3) Know-it-all Noob: I try to stay informed on things, but sometimes I can be pretty lazy and not keep as up-to-date as I would like. So while I’m more than happy to offer my opinion, I keep my mind open in case I totally forgot something somewhere, or never even saw it at all. And in cases where I am obviously completely underperforming, I keep my mouth shut entirely and try to learn from my peers as best I can.

My pet peeve? Somebody who’s at the bottom of the dps charts, just been raiding with us for the past few weeks, and trying to tell the rest of us hunters how to do a fight when we’ve been doing it that way the entire time. It just shows that you’re not paying attention, and you think so little of us that you assume we’ve been doing it wrong for months. Also? It’s kind of embarrassing for you when I have to verbally remind you to do certain things during that same fight, like dps the adds.

To end this post on some sort of positive note, go check out the Warcraft Hunters Union. It’s more-or-less spec-neutral and generally an all-around awesome blog. 🙂


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3 Responses to “Pet Peeves”

  1. Niainde Says:

    Amen! to all three, yes. The HM thing especially — I’ve had people tell me more times than I can count, “But if yours is better, mine won’t overwrite it, so don’t worry!” Fffff.

    And hurray for the WHU shoutout, too. ❤

  2. Euripides Says:

    I’d love to be able to leave the pet on passive, but there are occasionally situations that force me to manually control my pet on passive. On trash, for example, a yet-untanked caster that’s firing at you can cause your pet to dash off and proximity pull an unintended group.

  3. Ceirin Says:

    There are certain pulls where I switch to passive (San’layn in the Blood wing, mostly) because I have a hard time seeing what exactly is going on and being able to tell exactly what my pet’s on without manually checking its target- in cases like that I probably couldn’t see if it went to a target it shouldn’t have, so it gets to be on passive in case it decides not to behave. It’s my problem rather than my pet’s, though. Other than that, I love being able to leave it on defensive and not worry about adding “send pet in” to the mental checklist every single time.

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