I Revel in the Little Victories

After a fair amount of drama involving our 10-man runs, I ended up going on one that cleared out more of the Upper Spire than our 25-man group had plowed through. It was exceedingly satisfying in that the ten of us put out a much higher relative rate of dps, allowing us to more or less bat things mercilessly to the side (except Valithria, but hey, you gotta wipe somewhere).

Then our raid leader linked us to this article about the ‘average’ dps for ICC, divided up by spec, and it kicked the gears in my brain into motion. First I confirmed that yes, BM dps is apparently abysmal, and I’m sure countless people will use that as a reason to force their raiders to spec otherwise. And then I loaded up our logs from this week (two bouts of 25-man and the one 10-man) and took a look at my own dps.

Since Festergut hates me (seriously, most fights in ICC hate me, but Festergut was one of the examples in the article), I decided to cut myself some slack and look at Rotface instead. The median dps of the top 200 BM hunters was 6500, and my dps from Sunday night was 8400. So…this? This made me squee.

But not nearly as much as this did, when I went to check out our logs from Wednesday’s 10-man:

That’s, um…that’s a lot of ranking fights. 😀

Even on Blood Princes, too! When my job is to run around like a crazy woman and keep those kinetic bombs in the air. And Saurfang! I ranked on Saurfang.

All this makes me feel a little better that I recorded a bunch of the fights from Wednesday night, since 10-man means my computer can handle making movies at the same time. I’ll have to take out most of the audio, since I couldn’t separate Vent audio from the game audio, but I’m thinking of putting one or two online with my thoughts on how to handle each fight. What sayeth you, oh faithful readers? Where should I begin? 🙂


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4 Responses to “I Revel in the Little Victories”

  1. Euripides Says:

    I suspect that a lot of this is due to the low sample rate of BM raiders. Many of the hunters capable of putting out the numbers you can do are probably running with another spec. I know that’s why BM looks so bad on the world of logs averages- they took the median of the best 200 for the “top” stats, which might not include as many skilled players as some other spec, simply because BM is less popular.

    • Tchann Says:

      While it occurred to me that I could very well be a part of that top 200 (which still kinda makes me go O.o, to be honest), I hadn’t thought that those top 200 might not be of similar or higher skill level. It’s interesting to think that something like a spec stigma could be affecting the numbers so drastically.

  2. Euripides Says:

    Also, as a side note: if you want to separate game audio, you could do it with virtual audio cables. That’s what I use for podcasting 🙂

    • Tchann Says:

      Virtual audio cables? I am intrigued (especially since I hold a degree in broadcasting). I just figured my audio card wasn’t up to the task.

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