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Look at your game, now back to mine.

August 19, 2010

I’ve been quiet for a while, but it was for good reason. See, I got a bit of news, and I wanted to let it physically materialize before I went announcing it TOO broadly (although apparently Twitter and Facebook didn’t count).

You know how much I love my guild, and how much I love telling you people that I love my guild? Well, I continue to love my guild and now it’s completely validated because Blizzard loves my guild and gave us invites to the Cataclysm beta. Which I copied Tchann over to last night (inconspicuously renamed to ‘Tchann’ – I’m a stealth genius).

I’ve only played around a bit, but this is what I’ve noticed so far*:

-Guild charters only take five signatures. Don’t know if this is permanent or just for the beta, but it was handy for the BMR Away Team to form up quickly.
-Dalaran is exactly the same.
-Orgrimmar is like another world. It’s insane and awesome, and it took me forever to find the training dummies (hint: they’re inside).
-Playing without my addons is like being naked. Or splayed open.
-I’m half-decent at making up macros on the fly.
-Trying to figure out if Fervor can be macro’d with another ability, namely Kill Shot. Not sure if that’d be a great idea, but every time I try to KS something it tells me I don’t have enough focus, so I thought I’d give it a try.
-I seem to do about the same amount of damage overall, but Mahrou’s damage is more than half of it, especially when I’m spamming Kill Command.
-There is NO WAY Kill Command is finalized. Instant cast, no cooldown, off the GCD? Yeah, that is way too good to be true. But if they nerf that I have a feeling BM hunters are going to plummet.
-Can I have just one addon? Maybe Power Auras so I can track Frenzy stacks? Please?
-Bug reporting system doesn’t work. Suggestions don’t work. Basically no feedback works, which is silly considering the amount of bugs I’ve already found.
-I’m on a felsteed.

Nothing's impossible when you use Cataclysm body wash.

*Disclaimer: the information contained in this post may be completely redundant if you already read a lot of beta-related stuff. But because I don’t, all this is new to me. DEAL WITH IT.