Look at your game, now back to mine.

I’ve been quiet for a while, but it was for good reason. See, I got a bit of news, and I wanted to let it physically materialize before I went announcing it TOO broadly (although apparently Twitter and Facebook didn’t count).

You know how much I love my guild, and how much I love telling you people that I love my guild? Well, I continue to love my guild and now it’s completely validated because Blizzard loves my guild and gave us invites to the Cataclysm beta. Which I copied Tchann over to last night (inconspicuously renamed to ‘Tchann’ – I’m a stealth genius).

I’ve only played around a bit, but this is what I’ve noticed so far*:

-Guild charters only take five signatures. Don’t know if this is permanent or just for the beta, but it was handy for the BMR Away Team to form up quickly.
-Dalaran is exactly the same.
-Orgrimmar is like another world. It’s insane and awesome, and it took me forever to find the training dummies (hint: they’re inside).
-Playing without my addons is like being naked. Or splayed open.
-I’m half-decent at making up macros on the fly.
-Trying to figure out if Fervor can be macro’d with another ability, namely Kill Shot. Not sure if that’d be a great idea, but every time I try to KS something it tells me I don’t have enough focus, so I thought I’d give it a try.
-I seem to do about the same amount of damage overall, but Mahrou’s damage is more than half of it, especially when I’m spamming Kill Command.
-There is NO WAY Kill Command is finalized. Instant cast, no cooldown, off the GCD? Yeah, that is way too good to be true. But if they nerf that I have a feeling BM hunters are going to plummet.
-Can I have just one addon? Maybe Power Auras so I can track Frenzy stacks? Please?
-Bug reporting system doesn’t work. Suggestions don’t work. Basically no feedback works, which is silly considering the amount of bugs I’ve already found.
-I’m on a felsteed.

Nothing's impossible when you use Cataclysm body wash.

*Disclaimer: the information contained in this post may be completely redundant if you already read a lot of beta-related stuff. But because I don’t, all this is new to me. DEAL WITH IT.



11 Responses to “Look at your game, now back to mine.”

  1. Kareth Says:

    No one on the Away Team is wearing red are they?

    Gratz on making Beta =) Look forward to hearing your impressions as things progress.

    • Tchann Says:

      Our beloved GL says she’s itching to mess with the tabard in beta, since she’s loath to change it up normally.

      But it’s probably worth mentioning that it’s currently bright red with a target smack dab in the center. XD

  2. @valkyrierisen Says:


  3. Omogon of Lethon Says:

    Well done on making the Beta…..too bad you are Horde….I want somebody to tell me what happened to Tinkertown in IF 🙂

    • Tchann Says:

      Hey, just because Tchann is Horde doesn’t mean I won’t be poking my nose around Alliance-side! In fact, I’m itching roll up a worgen tonight. 😀

  4. Throkwa / EU-Scarshield Says:

    So…. in conclusion… you really miss your addons 😛

  5. Furnurgler Says:

    Just noticed on MMO-Champion that Power Auras is now a part of the standard Blizz ui. source: http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/1938-Power-Auras-Mages-TP-UI-Howling-Oak-Blue-Posts

  6. Chastity Says:

    … I just want to say that I dig the Old Spice reference (assuming that’s what your title’s about, if not ignore me).

    Presumably a sensible alternative would be “I’m On a Beta”

    • Tchann Says:

      Totally an Old Spice reference, mainly chosen because of the ending line of the post, “I’m on a felsteed.”

      Yay for non sequitors!

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