/who Tchann

[Tchann]: Level 80 Tauren Hunter – Howling Fjord
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What’s that? You want more than a /who?

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since February of 2006 – not a diehard veteran by any means, but a fan of the game nonetheless! I’ve been lurking and posting on the official Customer Service Forums since their inception, and have become somewhat obsessed with answering any questions I’m asked about that aspect of the game – or any questions I haven’t been asked, just for completion’s sake. I do the occasional number crunches, but I leave most of the theorycrafting to the experienced gamers, and just focus on helping who I can, where I can. 🙂

The things I am:
-a fan of WoW
-a decent hunter
-fond of chain-trapping
-addicted to Wintergreen Altoids

The things I am NOT:
-an in-game GM
-a Blizzard employee
-a lawyer


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One Response to “/who Tchann”

  1. euripidesoutdps Says:

    I can has twitter? Wait, I’ll see if I can find it through Pike 🙂

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