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July 15, 2010

When the spoilers came out for the Fall of the Lich King, I avoided them. I stopped visiting MMO Champion, I stopped reading the spoiler threads. I was deliberately ignorant of how the game would ‘end’ because I wanted to see it myself. I didn’t want to see the Lich King dead until he was dead by my hands.

(Spoiler: if you’re the same way as me and you haven’t seen him dead yet, might wanna go somewhere else. >.>)

I lost track of how many attempts we made on Arthas last night, but at some point everything seemed to click in Phase 3 and I remember shooting down spirits and thinking, We actually have a chance at this, don’t we? We might really do this!

And then we died.

I stared at the screen, flabbergasted. I even flung off my headset because the Lich King had obviously berserked and killed us all in one hit. It hadn’t felt like 10 minutes since the last DBM warning but time can fly during a boss fight. I heard my raid leader cheering and I figured he was just happy we survived until the enrage. My hands were knotted up in my hair and my husband walked over and laid a hand on my shoulder.

“Grats!” he said.

This made no sense. “…what?”

That’s when I realized Arthas was monologuing. That was weird. Bosses don’t usually do that when everybody is dead on the ground – they despawn. I watched him gloat and felt a twinge of pride at the thought that I was worth resurrecting to be one of his generals. And then I saw Tirion break free, smash Frostmourne to shards, and next thing I know Terenas Menethil wants to resurrect me.

Well, who am I to say no?

I realized after we rezzed that Mahrou hadn’t been brought back, so I took the time to resurrect him myself. If Arthas was going down, dammit, he was going down with my pet – the one I’d had since level 10 – by my side.

We all sat back and watched the movie play out, and then we all went and changed our titles to ‘Kingslayer’ and posed and took screenshots and generally felt amazingly awesome about ourselves.

courtesy of Erinice/Keryn/awesome GL

Then just as we were realizing that there was no safe way -off- the frozen platform, someone had the nifty idea to go knock out Sartharion +3 while we were at it. It took a few false starts, but I ended the night with two new titles and a trophy from the RNG:

And if I can use my blog as a soapbox for a minute here, I just want to thank Annicus, Ceirin, Erinice, Kun, Nguni, Nibaw, Vurgus, Zandivya and Zurasha of Thorium Brotherhood’s Bad Moon Rising and affiliated guilds for being wonderfully awesome to raid with. You guys rock and I’m brilliantly happy that I could see the ‘end’ of the current game with all of you.

…now let’s get him on farm. >:D

(Sidenote: I totally ranked #16 on WoL when I uploaded our logs this morning. It’s like a cherry on top of a deliciously awesome sundae.)



July 18, 2008

Today, BRK broke my heart.

Ever since the Wrath of the Lich King talent calculators appeared on WoWHead, I have been desperately wondering what the Hunter talents would be. Longingly I would check the site, daily, to see if anything had gone up. Talents would fail to be there, I’d sigh heavily, wait two hours, check again.

I might’ve been a bit obsessed.

This morning, I awoke and checked my Google Reader to find links from BRK to two talent calculators. “Don’t put too much credence into either of these,” he said. I opened both links and immediately ignored the one that didn’t load completely (NoScript said ‘No, Script!’), which led me to gaze at the first one.

No, don’t bother to click that link. It’ll break your heart, too.

Apparently the true talent tree is the second one. Ah, what cruel deception! To taunt me with that I long for the most, then to yank it away like a carrot on a stick. My heart is shattered, oozing blood the color of two hunter pets. No longer do I yearn for those talents – nay, now I only weep for what could have been but shall never be. Curse you, Blizzard!

…well, maybe not too much. I still want a Beta invite, after all.

:: crosses fingers and refreshes her email inbox religiously ::